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1998 Nissan Altima Worklog....

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  • 1998 Nissan Altima Worklog....

    Hey guys! I've decided to start up a work log cause well Connecticut is currently being KILLED by a blizzard dumping anywhere between 8 and 14 inches of snow so I'm stuck at work! Just to warn you ahead of time I plan on using this worklog as a rambling of thoughts..Of course I'll post pictures when something gets installed but now I'm working on mainly just getting the pc and the parts first (IMO nothing looks worse then half a carpc in your car..either get it all and then do it or don't bother)

    My other post explains My laymans terms..its a modified 98 nissan altima.

    My Objective to this madness

    I want the carpc to handle music & gps. I plan on installing headrest monitors that hooks up to a dvd player and MAYBE a video game system I'm unsure as of yet but of course this is subject to change.

    Audio Equipment

    (Subject to change but at this point in time this is what I'm looking at getting. Of course if you have either headunit please pm me or reply to this thread with your thoughts on them)

    Headunit: Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD or the Pioneer AVH-P5000DVD
    Equalizer: Eclipse 6 Band Equalizer EQ100
    AMP: Pioneer GM-4300F 80w x 4
    Sub AMP: Not purchased yet
    SUB: Not purchased yet
    Speakers F + R: Pioneer TS-G1642R

    PC Equipment

    Type of PC: HP E-PC
    Processor: Pentium III 866Mhz
    RAM: 256 megs
    HD: 20 gig
    OS: XP modified manually (more on this later)
    Keyboard: Brando Wireless Illuminated Super Tiny Keyboard
    Mouse: Brando USB Wireless Finger Mouse OR Brando USB Fish Hand-held Mouse

    PC Tweaks

    coming soon

    Interior Modifications

    - (2) Universal Tview 9" Car Headrest Monitors
    - GPS
    - (2) RJ-1900DVX Players, 1 connected to each headrest monitor
    - turning center console into external HD bay (more on this later)

    thats all for now..I'll be adding more once I finish modifying XP

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    PC Tweaks

    - Stopped all the Services expect the following....

    Windows Audio
    DCOM Server Process Launcher
    DHCP Client
    Logical Disk Manager
    Event Log
    Plug and Play
    Remote Procedure Call

    - Removed various folders/files in the Windows folder and compressed it so it is now a sleek 282 megs

    - Removed themes

    - Turned off page filing (frees up 1.2 gigs of space from that alone)

    - Turned off Restore (My hd is small enough now that I can do a single dvd back up)

    Boot Time as of right now : 45 seconds

    To Do List

    - Edit some things in BIOS
    - Edit the registry

    will update in a few hours


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      So your going to make two systems? I mean are you gonna buy DVD player headunit and have GPS/CarPC on another screen ooooor?


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        yes tum basically the carpc is going to be for gps and music. I dont want any video playback cause theres really no reason for Me to watch it while I drive. Also these dvd players are so small I can fit them in a location where its easy to get to for the passenger. Ill have a blueprint up on this hopefully tonight.

        I'm still waiting on my other post to be oked by the mods which details My pc layout


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          how's that Brando Wireless Illuminated Super Tiny Keyboard working out for you?
          i saw it online and have been tempted to buy one.

          you are talking about this one right?