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1993 Toyota Hiace Super Custom Limited - Dual-zone entertainment system

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  • 1993 Toyota Hiace Super Custom Limited - Dual-zone entertainment system

    Hi everyone.

    I have just bought an imported Toyota Hiace Super Custom Limited. They are a japanese people mover that was never released outside of Japan.

    I have an idea for what i would like to achieve with this system. As standard the van has a digital holographic dash, and has a 2-din space available in the dash to mount the screen. There is also a very large rack system below the dash which will be suitable for mounting the PC.

    The OEM standard speaker system is an amplified 10-speaker split system (4 tweeters, 4 mids and 2 woofers)

    I would like to end up with a system which will have a touch screen in the dash, as well as a second rear screen which will be capable of running separate media etc. I will upload photos of the car shortly.

    The parts i will need:
    7" VGA touch screen for in the dash
    7" - 9" screen for the rear, ideally touch screen, but willing to drop back to just a monitor
    PC capable of dual monitor output, as well as 4x channel audio output so different audio can be played in the front to the back (EG. Playing a DVD in the back while listening to MP3s in the front)
    A slot or pop-out DVD drive mounted under the screen in the dash

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    Ok, I have taken some photos so you can see what i hope to achieve. As you can see the air conditioning vents are a good place to mount the rear screen. At 7 inches the screen will fit like in the composite picture, but if i put a 9 inch it would cut out the switches to either side of the vents. This is not a big issue as they are 'set and forget' anyway.

    I suppose the next thing to do is to decide what hardware i need to make this setup work. So does anyone have any ideas? I will need a motherboard which has dual monitor support (either 1x VGA + 1x TV or 2x VGA). Can anyone let me know of one which does this?
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      I have had more of a think and the best option seems to be to have 2x Pcs each with a vga touch screens.

      I would then have them networked so they can share media and have the ability to control eachother, and i want to have the TV-out from each pc connecting to the other one's screen. That way i can just switch input on a screen to see what's running on the other. I will also want to do the same with audio sources.