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2002 Nissan Xterra Build...Just the Carputer so Far.

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  • 2002 Nissan Xterra Build...Just the Carputer so Far.

    So here is what i have so far. I modified the Case, Adding Another Fan, Making some Holes and adding my own standoffs as i moved the base to the lower slot for more clearance. I also added shorter Caps to the power supply so it will fit better in the case. Pictures are posted here :

    Any Questions, Let me know.

    I do not have a screen yet. I have been using this PC as an HTPC hooked up through HDMI in my room. Works Great!.

    Motherboard: DG45FC
    Processor: E8400
    Hard Drive: Hitachi 160GB Sata
    Memory: 4GB Kingston KVR800D2N6K2/4G
    Power Supply: M4-ATX
    Chassis: MO-CO-SO 3rd Gen Mini ITX
    ICH Heatsink: Southsink by Microcool
    Processor Fan: 1U Intel Socket 775 CPU Heatsink with Fan By Startech

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    I see you ductaped the M4 so you can put it in the case. heh. but won't that block the cpu fan?

    PC lookin nice so far.

    installing to the X should be very easy. You have plenty of room in the back.
    I have a Frontier and there's no room for it besides under the passenger seat.

    as for display, stay with DoubleDin, single din screen will bump the top where the cig lighter is. Unless you can find one that can stick out 2".

    here's my simple setup


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      what operating system are you going with?


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        i plan to go with XP. Right now i have Vista running in my room as an HTPC but i'm going to format it and put XP on it. I cant do the double din becasue my X is stick and the Screen would be too low and would be annoying. I cant have the screen mouned on the dash becasue i Live in Costa Rica and my window will get broken very quickly. (any ideas?) I was thinking of the indash flipout and seeing how that would work. That is what is holding me back. Yeah the back of the M4 is ducktaped so it will not short-out on the top of the case, but it does not block airflow. Temps are fine.


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          I tried the Lilliput single din flipout already, it will not work. Unless you like your screen pointing down.

          I don't know about the Xenarc one, the non motorized. It looks like it sticks out a lil more.


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            I had the Pioneer AVIC-N2 before as a radio but i got rid of it becasue the main feature is the GPS and there are no maps ffrom pioneer for CR so i sold it, got a standard alpine HU and i'm going toi use the other DIN for a screen. The Pioneer screen did not pint down that much. But thank you for the advice. I will not get the lilliput for that reason.


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              is there any screws to hold th m4 atx in place?
              Carputer to sell :


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                I wish you good luck and god speed with that Xterra dash. The pre-2006 dash is not friendly for screen mounting.


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                  project is looking good, I'm from south of the border from Costa Rica (PTY). Maybe to hide the monitor you can make a sliding door to cover the monitor when is not in used.


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                    to bad you ditched the avic, those are windows ce devices and with the right hacks you could have used remote desktop protocol to control your computer from the avic.