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zilla's 1995 Accord (Aus represent!)

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  • zilla's 1995 Accord (Aus represent!)

    Hey all (and a shout-out to fellow CD5 member bemenaker and also the fellow Aussies here). I'm a longtime lurker, but I've finally come to the stage of actually doing something instead of just dreaming.

    EDIT - Finished install:

    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Dual Core
    HDD: WD 320GB IDE
    Mobo: Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2HP rev2.1
    PSU: DSATX 220W
    Screen: Lilliput 7" 629GL Transflective Touch-screen LCD with LED backlight
    DVD: TEAC slot load DVD-drive
    GPS: Globalsat BU-353 USB
    Aux input: Irxon Mini Bluetooth Keyboard
    Aux input #2: 2x PS2 controllers via USB adapter
    Bluetooth: Belkin F8T013 USB
    Wifi: TP-Link WN651 PCI
    Dash cam: Sony Vaio PCGA-VC1
    Front-view cam: Sony 1/3" CCD Auto-iris
    Capture: Compro T300 PCI
    Volume control: JL CL-RLC

    O/S: Win7 Pro
    F/E: latest RideRunner

    1. New battery, terminals and cables
    2. Centre console fabrication
    3. Rear-seat case mount


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    Hey bro,

    Great to see another Aussie here So far it all sounds good. Where do you plan to mount everything?
    2007 Camry Altise In-dash Car PC


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      I'm actually half way through the console fabrication/mounting but haven't gotten around to writing it up here. I'm uploading pictures as we speak :P
      Did you end up getting the screen off eBay?


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        Oh tru. Can't wait to see the pics

        Yep, got the LCD, PSU, and slot-loading DVD-ROM from eBay. All work great.
        2007 Camry Altise In-dash Car PC


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          Awesome. What PSU did you get on eBay? I only saw the M2-ATX on there. I didn't go for that because I saw a lot of bad comments about them, plus the fact that I'm going for an ATX system.

          I was hoping someone would get the Jaycar LCD so we can see if it's any good. $200 is a good price, so could possibly buy one and mount it somewhere else just because I can :P


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            I bought the M2-ATX. It's working perfectly so far for me and 160W is more than enough power for my system.

            lol ye that Jaycar LCD is quite affordable but it's got a CCFL backlight, not LED. I would've been more than happy to try it if it had an LED backlight.
            2007 Camry Altise In-dash Car PC


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              There's even one for $179 now. Yeah it's not LED but it's only for the rear/auxiliary. Alas I should just focus on getting this one done first haha


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                First things first:

                My battery's been giving me the ****s lately and upon looking at it and the accompanying cables you'll see why from the following pictures. After all, can't have a carputer if you gots no battery :P. The old one has 330 CCA and something like 55Ah. This is the new one:

                450 CCA, 95 Ah.

                I was planning to relocate it to the boot but in the end but in the end it was going to be too expensive as I'd have to buy something like a Yellow-Top that doesn't vent as much.

                And the dodgy cables:

                My starter ground, OMG! when I first saw that

                The metal underneath it:

                The positive cables (to fuse-box and to starter):

                Corrosion riddled and such I just decided to ditch the lot and run new cables. I hate having messy/crappy wiring so I had to do it anyway, sooner or later.

                The battery grounds:

                Alternator ground:

                It's not too bad just the exposed part I don't like. I'll either heatshrink it or replace it , it's okay for now.

                Anyway I started by taking off all the old cables and sanding down the ground connections to the chassis, ie:

                Much better now.

                New cables

                And it's done!

                Yay. And yeah I really need to clean my engine bay. But hey, at least I can drive the car now.


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                  That starter ground looks horrid. It also looks like it must have fallen out of its ring terminal and instead of fixing it properly they just twisted the wires and bolted it back on. YIKES!!


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                    Console fabrication

                    I decided to mount the screen in the double DIN slot in my centre console. Since the 629GL's bezel isn't even on both sides I had to do some measuring to get the screen centred in the console.

                    Also had to sand down and make the DIN hole taller. Now epoxy'ing bezel to console:

                    Now by this stage I was intending to have the DVD drive in the centre armrest. But I figured, screw it, I might as well mount it in the dash as well. So I removed the screen's button bar since I figured I have the remote anyway. I'll relocate the PCB behind the screen itself. Tool of my choice: soldering iron, haha. Don't have a dremel and it was late at night, so it was the best option. And hey, it worked well... apart from all the plastic fumes :P

                    Epoxying the DVD drive in... I know it's basically in there permanently but I don't really mind if it dies later down the track as I don't see myself using it much. No need for CDs anymore if any song I'll ever want to play is already on the HDD:

                    First filler:

                    More filler and sanding with 40 grit:


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                      Damn! Those connections were so dodgy, even dodgy would call them dodgy. I'm glad you managed to sort it all out yourself.

                      Interior looks neat too.
                      2007 Camry Altise In-dash Car PC


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                        Tools and stuff
                        Thought I'd list out the main stuff that have come in handy so far:

                        Sandpaper + Swiss army knife (never found it so useful :P)

                        Steel wool:

                        Rubbing alcohol. Very handy for cleaning surfaces before epoxy/filler/etc. Even on some electrical contacts:

                        Epoxy.. good stuff, forgot to check the temperature range before I used it but I checked it out after and it will be fine in the car even on a very hot day:

                        Body filler

                        Ze soldering iron. Oh she's misused so badly

                        And of course the electrical tape:


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                          Originally posted by corvettecrazy View Post
                          That starter ground looks horrid. It also looks like it must have fallen out of its ring terminal and instead of fixing it properly they just twisted the wires and bolted it back on. YIKES!!
                          I know! I can't believe I've been driving around with it like that. I thought I had fixed all the dodgy wiring from the previous owner but they were obviously more retarded than I give them credit for. I mean the other ones were just corroded/etc but this was something else :O


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                            Looking good.


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                              I sorta didn't really take many more pictures since but the install is just about done. The screen is in, new power & speaker cables have been run, and the case is mounted in the boot. Only problem I've been having so far is a lot of noise on the front speakers... I'll post some pics later