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  • '08 Mazda 3 Build


    Been lurking the forums for a while now, researching the parts, software, and what not, and am ready to start building my system. My goals with the system:
    1. Replace stock speakers with aftermarket component speakers, sub and amp.
    2. Replace stock head unit with touch screen LCD. I have a Double Din dash kit, and will mount a 7" screen. Currently researching Lilliput screens.
    3. Install Carputer system. Will initially use a laptop. Ultimately I will build an Atom based system. Waiting for nVidia's Ion platform details/availability. Will download trial versions of the various front ends to play around with this weekend.
    4. Install GPS guidance system. Currently researching iGuidance and Garmin.
    5. Bluetooth hands free phone support.
    6. Incorporate internet access via wifi enabled windows mobile smart phone.
    7. Add HD radio support.

    Purchased Parts:
    • ByByte Double Din LCD frame
    • Mazda 3 Double Din Dash Kit
    • Lilliput 701 Touchscreen LCD
    • HP Laptop with BluRay, ATSC TV tuner, Radio Tuner, Bluetooth, Wifi.

    My next steps include purchasing the speaker upgrades, finalize/purchase an LCD screen, and finalize/purchase a software front end.

    Will start posting pics as soon as I begin actuall tear out/fabrication.

    Comments, questions, suggestions are most welcome.