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corrado vr6 touch screen p.c installation thread

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  • corrado vr6 touch screen p.c installation thread


    HI umm thought id start a blog here.. show progress and probs along the way, and yes i have a lot to learn as i am not p.c literate.....

    car is a 94 vr6 corrado and i would like to install a touch screen p.c

    i also would like

    card reader
    and i would like it to run vag com which i guess is like an obd2 reader or something.
    my main concearn out of all of this is the music... i love my sounds and i just dont see how this install is going to give me any sort of decent sound/adjustments

    of course any help advice, do's or dont's very much app


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    I'm currently going through the process of installing a system in my 1995 VR6 Golf.

    I'm pretty sure the sound quality, and the ability to tweak it should be fairly straight forward if you get hold of a 5.1 sound card. That way, you'll be able to amp the line outs just as you would a normal car stereo. That's what I'm doing anyway!

    I've got an old laptop that just has a stereo output, so need to get myself an external USB sound card to up the channels to 5.1. The plan is then to have an amp for the rear, an amp for the fronts, and an amp for the sub. Might even get a teeny tiny amp for a front central speaker too! LoL!

    Anyway, good luck, and keep us "Posted"


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      excellent matey thats good to know your gonna be going through the same stuff!!


      here is how far i have got with mine ...

      the centre console dash thing started life like this

      got some p.c components from the previous cars install not done by me

      here is the p.c screen just about fits in the centre console...

      i think it will look awesome just about here...

      dash stripped of bulbs got to remove console for screen fitting and heater control relocation..........


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        centre console undergoing cosmetic surgery

        had to cut radio support and ashtray guides and ciggarette lighter plastics out.....

        i had to cut the screen to fit still not happy with it it kinda fits but not how i want it to....

        the screen and heater controls are just resting in place as i broke a couple of plastic lugs off the frame

        i had a dummy run in the car it looks ok but needs fitting properly......


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          trying to get it as OE looking as possible............
          pics are in the wrong order sorry....(but you get the idea)


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            i finally painted the centre console.........

            not bad considering its my first attempt at filling and painting with this stuff...........

            if im honest it could do with a bit more on the filling side, but because the contours are all over the place it is very hard to get it to look right.
            in the flesh it looks a lot better (weirdly enough) than in the photo's and i think when it is installed along with the rest of the dash it will look just fine....

            i can always **** about with it at a later date i suppose.......

            anyway here it is....


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              this is how the console stands now...

              still not ready needs just a skim af filler and i have added a perspex cover where the ashtray used to be there will be some subtle down lights just to light the cubby hole....

              but looking much better now..............

              the texture paint has been dusted on just enough to look O.E but thin enough to let light pass through, if im lucky i will still be able to light the heater controls... i might have to use EL sheet though

              how about wireing this all up has anybody got any pointers?? hehe


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                Wow! That's some good work there!

                Unfortunately I've not posted my project on here yet. It's over at which is a UK based site (Mods: I'm not plugging another forum here!!!)

                I'm faced with some tricky fabrication work though. Might try and get it started this weekend.........!


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                  Whoa! Some good work there!

                  I want to put my screen in exactly the same place in my golf, but I've got some tricky fabrication to do! Might get it started this weekend.

                  Here's where the monitor needs to sit!


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                    Oh yeah, where can you get EL Sheet from?!


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                      ive got the link on my lappy at home ,there is a company in tiverton devon that stocks it..

                      there is a link somewhere on the corrado forums too...

                      il post it up a bit later

                      ahhhhh as you have a mk3 you need to change the colour of your dash switchs too!! red looks sweeeeeeeeetttt


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                        the fabrication bit is the best bit to do for anyways....

                        i think the screen will look sweet i would be more inclined to go a little lower and not cut into the actual dash surround just to make it easier!! lol

                        but it might look gash there, my only concern is cutting the dash part as it would be quite hard to make good if you see what i mean...


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                          I wanna install the screen there as it's at perfect eye height. I drive with my seat lowered ALL the way down (Not all the way back, that'd just be silly!). Gettin ready for when I own a Diablo! LoL!


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                            I'd love to change the interior lighting and clocks to something like the Audi and new VW red/blue scheme, but that's cosmetic really!

                            One thing I forgot to ask:

                            Are the heater controls a pig to move? I'll have to move mine down like you've done. I've heard the cables that operate the flaps can be a bit tempremental?


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                              well as nive only lowerd mine a little bit i dont see it being a massive problem...

                              here is my build thread link


                              if you have a browse through it , it will show you how to change the lights etc and reverse lcd mod for your instrument cluster...

                              quite trick and probably the look your after

                              let me know what ya think