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    Well, I finally got most of the parts that I need to get my carputer up and running. I have been wanting to put this in my 89 Firebird Formula KITT conversion so I can have the voice activated software so it can seem as if KITT is talking with me when I am at car shows.

    What I have is an old Compaq SR1023WM desktop computer converted into a carputer. You can see all specs here I got a micro atx case from and everything fit just fine. Running the carputer is a M4-ATX power supply. The computer is fairly stock, did upgrade the ram and put in another usb 2.0 pci card. I have the sound running through stereo. The screen I am using is a Dynamix 8" touchscreen.

    The software that I am running is Windows XP. No frontend program as of yet, XP works just fine. Have VR commander for voice activaton, Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 for gps, also have pinnacle 12 with a dazzle for video captuer from my 3 bullet cameras I have installed, hoping to go with 3 more. Cameras are mainly for fun.

    Here are some pics of the install so far. This one is the setup in the house.

    Computer all in the case and wired up in the car.

    IN the car and turned on with gps hooked up.

    Startup Screen.

    GPS Screen

    GPS screen and lower console lit up.

    Since the M4 can continue to draw power from the battery when computer is turned off, this is how I cut the power from the M4 when the car is not in use. I installed a circuit breaker so all I have to do is push the button and turn of the power, and push the switch back in to give it power again. I know there are other ways but this is how I wanted to do it.

    Here are a couple vids of the voice activation software working. One is during the day and the other is at night for a better view of the voice box working. The software isn't perfect but thats okay. Makes it more exciting to see what KITT might say when something that isn't programmed in the software is heard. I still need to mount the mic for now it just sits on my console for now.


    Night time

    Here is the car it is in.

    Here is the interior

    If you care to see more about the car itself you can check out my sites here.

    Let me know what you think so far.

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    damn,you're crazy :P
    i've installed on my carputer a voice recognition program(can't remeber the name now) it worked fine,with the engine dead.soon as the engine starts the noise maked difficult to recognize voice,or if i turned the volume high the speakers will go crazy.
    what king of mic did you use?

    so far i like what you have done
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      I am just using a standard logitech desktop microphone right now. I am thinking of trying Andrea BT-200 headset. It says it can be used for speech recognition. I have emailed Andrea to find out if this unit can be used just as a wireless microphone so I can be outside the car and still have KITT talk but just hope that the sound can still be outputed through computers speakers and not through the headset. Will just have to wait and see.


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        I purchased one of these 2way radio wrist watch for real cheap.

        And atempted to do the Kit watch control. Because that would be awesome. I modified another radio to connect to the computers audio in and out. And then built a lpt controlled relay to trigger the talk switch. Then i used a voice program to do things on command. The first thing it would do on a command is engage the transmit, talk and then disengage the transmit. I had it working, but i had to be close and the volume settings were hard to get just right.

        I could say kitt and have the computer respond "what is it michael" in kitts voice. My wife really hated it

        I should design a kit and sell it
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          this is awesome are you still working on the wrist watch? did you finish it?


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            haha looks cool,
            pity that the sound quality is that bad from those old movies
            maybe tune it up a little bit with those audio programs filter the real high tones away
            i also dont know how it works actually but maybe someone knows or just try some things
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