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All new and improved volvo s60 setup!

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  • All new and improved volvo s60 setup!

    I am moving up from my laptop based system to a more powerful pc system.
    MoBo/CPU: 1.6Ghz dual core biostar atom 330(mITX)
    PSU: M2-atx,
    RAM: 2GB
    HDD: 320GB storage and 40gb for OS and programs
    7" liliput screen
    2 headrest monitors
    2 boot monitors (dont ask!!! lol)
    sound goes is into 'original' HU850 volvo head unit via a USA-SPEC ipod adaptor
    GPS module
    DVD/CD-RW in 'orignal' head unit to make it look oem.

    making my own case for it as i want it to be hidden behind one of the rear panels.

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    pics please!!

    did you use the display holder that the factory nav uses?


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      Nope, i found this tooo far back for the touchscreen so am currentlr changing my middle vents to a holder, (leaving the side ones for front only). will post pics soon!!!


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        Its been a while

        Ok do after a few different setups and pc's i have finally found a good combination that i am going to stuck with (sort of anyways).

        in a nut shell:
        running asus atom (1.7Ghz i think)
        1Gb ram
        60Gb SSD
        250Gb external 2.5"
        power from dcdcUSB using a single 19v supply
        have a custom bezel at the front with a 7" screen,
        2 headrest monitors

        ride runner front end.


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          More pics to come
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