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2004 Holden Commodore Wagon

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  • 2004 Holden Commodore Wagon

    Ok so i have finally deicided to pull my finger out and build a carpc! ( )

    ***I'm at work right now so i can't post pic's but i'll do it when i get around to it***

    so far these is what i've got:

    Motherboard - J&W Minix itx, 128mb dedicated ram for video, dx10 support, hdmi, 1080p, blah blah blah.... supports upto phemon quad core processors
    CPU - AMD Athlon x2 4850e 45w
    Hdd - Western digital 250G/B scorpio 2.5" sata
    Ram - Kingston 2x 2G/B sodimms
    PSU - 150W dc-dc power supply - m2atx style
    ODD - Sata DVD-ram (will upgrade to Blu-ray soon i hope)
    Display - 1x 17" touch screen and hopefully 1x 10.4" touch screen in the back
    Volume - Griffin powermate usb.
    Front end - Centrafuse or shotgun (had a problem with shotgun but will direct that to the developers later on if i can't resolve it)

    Usb stuff.... mmmmm usb's
    Netgear wireless 'n' adaptor
    gigabyte digital tv thingo... with A/Market film ariel
    bluetooth adaptor
    Globalsat Bu-353 gps antenner
    umm... theres more but i can't think of it,

    The current stereo in the car seems like a good base to connect to as i have the following already there
    JVC dvd headdeck
    Soundstream 4x75W Amp running the speakers (however is currently at 100W because its all running at 2ohms)
    Soundstream 1x600W Amp running (you guessed it....) a 12" sub
    17" Lcd monitor for the dvd output. (has been modified into touchscreen)

    anyways i have been wanting to do this for a long time so this is the worklog of my weak a** attempt (j/k) i hope it'll come together as good as some of the other jobs i've seen on here already (props to all who are already cruising to the sweet sounds and exclusivity of a carpc)

    i'm sorry all these pics are off my phone as i'm to tight to buy a digital camera (;P)

    in these pics are:
    the 17" screen being modded for the touchscreen
    the water cooling block
    the power supply
    my custom made case so it fits in a single din slit (will probably be hidden anyway) note the HDD mounted upside down on the inside of the case
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    updates on this?

    where are you planning of installing the 17"? lol


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      i have a plate which bolts up to the bracket for the glove box, so the screen sits in front of the passengers air bag, (yeah yeah i know REAL safe), at this current time i have pulled it out because i have changed the case for the computer and when it all goes in i'll find a better place to secure it


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        For a different path, check out the 17-inch screen mount starting in post #7 of ozzy71's worklog.
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          Old thread but any updates since like 2009?

          I wanna see more Commodores in here.