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Nissan Avenir GT4 Full ATX Install almost done!

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  • Nissan Avenir GT4 Full ATX Install almost done!

    Hey everyone, since about a year ago i had been wanting to install a pc in my car for holding my 70Gb of music. In April i got my first car a Nissan Avenir GT4 1998 which has plenty of space and power. After a bit of debating whether i should get a nice new sony head unit i decided to go ahead and build myself a Carpc
    So here it is my worklog so far.

    Here is a picture of the Navigation system with the failed integrated climate controls

    One of my Objectives was to make the screen removable as i will be traveling to uni everyday and dont want someone stealing my $320 ebay score. but because my climate controls are integrated into my Xnaivi unit i could not go for any kind of clip or Velcro style mount. as you can see here i decided to remove the lcd and put the mount my touchscreen came with; in the hole that is left.

    The hardest part for me was trying to get the computer to turn off when i removed power from the system. it took me a whole day trying to figure something out until i read this posted by Nicorolla. so i used his idea and modified it a little as my cars ignition disabled the acc when cranking and the keyswitch turns off when the engine is running

    Finding a DC-DC power supply in New Zealand is not the easiest thing to do but i did end up finding one in Jaycar which was quite amazing! its 205w and uses switchmode Regulators but can only accept about 10.5v at the lowest so keeping it running while the car was cranking is a separate issue..... to get arround this i wired a second 7ah battery in the back with the computer. So what i have it doing is when i switch the key on a relay between my main car battery and this second backup battery is closed by the acc line, then when the car cranks the acc line is always turned off so the radio and stuff is not draining too much power from the battery for the car to start. because of this the relay is opened and the closed again once the car is running and in the mean time the computer is running only of my backup battery.
    Here is a Picture of the Vehicle
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    My Worklog

    Nissan Avenir GT4

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    Not bad so far. Glad you found a workaround to your power problem. But couldn't you have bought an M2-ATX off eBay? They provide 160W of power and are very easy to connect to your battery and ignition. Best of all, you won't need a second battery.

    Looking forward to your progress on this job
    2007 Camry Altise In-dash Car PC


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      Nissan Avenir GT4 Full ATX Install almost done! (P2)

      Here is a picture of the PC in the boot.

      picture of the pc running with monitor installed.

      In Reply to MeeM:
      Yea i wish i did, but never thought about that i just had my mind fixated on this one from Jaycar because i could just go and pick it up....
      did not really think about the voltage drop when car is cranking so, that was my major stuff up.
      Thanks for the support Man
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      Nissan Avenir GT4


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        Carpc Version 2

        Well after about 3 months of having no computer in my car i finally decided to rebuild and install it again.
        This time i have made it more robust as my old pc used to be prone to have cards coming out of place causing the computer to crash.

        The components i am using have only slightly changed:
        Asus socket a mini-atx motherboard
        Amd athlon 2500+
        512mb ddr400 ram
        250Gb ide hard drive
        Creative Audigly soundcard
        Griffin Powermate for tactile control
        And my Jaycar DC-DC power supply

        As a Enclosure for these parts i have cut down a 1U sever rack to about half the length. its pretty small and holds everything in place really well as you can see.

        Also i have re-mounted my Touchscreen actually into the console. Amazingly it fitted perfectly but i am still going to have to do some fabrication to get it looking nice, if anyone has any ideas how i could do it i would appreciate it.

        Now all i have to do is get all the software installed onto the new pc and chuck it in the car and ill be flying?
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        Nissan Avenir GT4


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          Nice setup. Love the rackmount case - i was going to do the same but my PC ended up fitting perfectly behind the dash.

          For the fabrication, I consulted a plastic welder who said it would be good to get some ABS or acrylic cutoffs, cut them to size, and glue them together to make a frame around your LCD. Then sand it however you wish to make it look, and paint it. I haven't done it yet but plan to soon. Perhaps you could try it too?

          Also, is 512MB RAM enough for your system?
          2007 Camry Altise In-dash Car PC


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            Thank You, I have been following your worklog for a while and i really like the computer mounting idea you have gone with, it looks very professional.
            Actually that is a really good idea using off cuts, i think i might go ahead with that. Would you have any idea as of what kind of glue i should use?
            Was going to put in 1gb but i could not find any more sticks around, as i must have given it all away. I also just realized that the mobo i am using only supports ddr266 which is kind of average. I do have a duel core setup on the way but its going to be awhile before it gets here, just another mini-atx am2 board.
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            Nissan Avenir GT4


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              Thanks for the kind words. I just wish I had finished it all in one time. I still haven't made my LCD frame or put in a USB radio yet. Other than that, the system pretty much does everything I want/need it to do. In time, and I guess you might have similar plans, 'll probably install a TV tuner for show (in case I use the car at auto shows ),a reversing camera, and a USB OBD reader.

              Regarding the glue, the guy said he uses some industrial stuff called CA-14 or something (I remember the CA part, just can't remember the number!). But he said plastic glue from a hardware store should work fine, especially with acrylic. I'm gonna try to dabble with this frame idea this week hopefully. I'll let you know how it goes.

              Can't wait till your new motherboard arrives - that's gonna be a beast!
              2007 Camry Altise In-dash Car PC


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                After installing all, my gear back into my car i found that my screen would not turn on. all that would happen is the backlight would start up and display a white screen.
                after being officially ****ed off with it as i paid $450 NZ for it off ebay it was a m70 i think. Now i cannot get hold of the company i brought it off to claim warranty. So until i save enough money to buy a new screen, my pc will not be in action unfortunately.

                I guess this time i will buy a screen with an actual brand name so this hopefully doesn't happen again.

                And that's Life!
                My Worklog

                Nissan Avenir GT4