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2003 Volvo S60

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  • 2003 Volvo S60

    hi guys,
    i've finally ordered the components to start prototyping.

    my carputer will consist of the following

    asus m3a78-em mobo - this has hybrid crossfire capabilities
    VGA, DVI,HDMI, and display port out, in theory i can run 3 monitors off just this MB.

    AMD x2 5050 processor - 45w
    replacing the std BIOS with LinuxBIOS/CoreBoot
    boot media - SATA to SD or IDE to SD adapter with custom linux

    OS -
    custom based linux 2.6.xx
    audio layer - i might bite the bullet and pay the 50 bucks for an OSS lic
    alsa seems like it might still have some mixer issues.

    GUI - diskofb or clutter

    interfaces - 1 touchscreen where the current HU is
    - secondary display where the factory nav unit goes, have to find the motor mounts for this so i can have it pop up, plan to display vitals or GPS in that area.
    fusionbrain/phidgets to replicate traditional knobs (volume, fader, etc)
    ODBII/CAN bus - ODBII is a given, second would be the CAN bus so i can try to access my windows sunroof etc.

    i still have to figure out the audio portion, currently i am thinking about ripping up a home AMP so i can run digital straight to my amp then out to my speakers. the volvo's already have a location of a center channel so....

    as for the speakers - i might try and get my hands on the dynaudio 13 speaker package (aka premium sound package i think) from volvo and throw that in...

    wish me luck

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    Hi guys,
    i got my board, cpu and cooler in today. Giving it a memtest burn-in while i am at the office.

    its a 45W 2.6G dual core AMD. I'll be clocking it down to 2.0 soon.

    next up is to get my hands a on a 64 Megabit SPI rom and port CoreBoot over. I heard a little bit of unfortunate news though. AMD won't be releasing the specs for the 780G. That means even if i am successful at getting Coreboot ported over, i can't give it out without violating my NDA =/. Hopefully the coreboot guys can push on them some more.

    Board W/ Processor

    Rear IO

    in the burnin room

    running memtest


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      UI layer selected and compiled and installed.

      I went with disko for the UI layer. I think i can avoid the overhead of X using this and it seems pretty solid.

      check it out, i'm going to try to build a framework around that ala openwrt build style.


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        Originally posted by;
        Disko comes along with an integrated framebuffer support and an own x11 backend. If desired, it runs with DirectFB, too.
        It is still using X11, isn't it?
        Either way, they probably made it more efficient.
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          nah, it can use their custom X11 backend or go through DirectFB which means i have access to SDL etc