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Hommer's custom 90 supra dash build

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  • Hommer's custom 90 supra dash build

    Well I will keep it short .. One its my car... why I do things the way I do.. dont ask.. dont know.. I just do.. :}Little about car... Its a 90 turbo supra.. rebuilt .. header air 60 turbo..maft pro custom intercooler and what knots...

    this is were its at right now...

    were it was ....

    As I get more done I will update this thread..

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    this will be fun to see


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      awesome man


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        HUH? Got my attension, let's see what will happen next.


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          I love the tray idea, lookin' forward to seeing the completion of this!
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            Thanks... Yea I am always messing with things so when i install something like this in my car.. i want to beable to fix it, upgrade it or what ever with out taking entire car apart.. now with this design.. i can put what ever full size mobo in.. and all the cards and added gagets i can peace together..

            Im poor.. so peacing things together is .. umm normal for me lol....


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              omg looks like a computer desck inside the car, must be damn heavy .... how about carbonfiber alternative for better waight and performance?
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                Holy custom Supra Batman! I'd love to see a diagram detailing what all the custom gauges are. Is that a digital gauge in the stock speedo/tach location? If so, what software do you use to display it? If not, well then what is it used for? What are all the customizations you've done so far?


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                  WOW talk about back to the future. looking fwd on the finished product.


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                    I wanna see whats under that hood! DANG!!!!!


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                      WOW, I be keeping an eye on this too and I cannot wait to see it up and running

                      Just started me carpc here is a tempory link to pic of it

                      my worklog