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MKIV GTI First Carpc install

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  • MKIV GTI First Carpc install

    Ok so here are some pics of what i've completed so far. Dash pieces are all still apart cause i know that as soon as i put them all back on ill end up wanting to do something else and have to remove them all again.

    Hole under the screen i plan on molding a slot load dvd player so that only the slot is visable.

    Just another view

    Carpc installed in compartment hidden in hatch back.

    compartment closed. Carpc completely hidden from sight of weary thieves

    Ok so this grey plastic piece just above that compartment I'm thinking of putting two or three small 40mm fans with small ducts that go down to the case to pull out hot air while cool air can enter through the grill at the bottom of the compartment.

    when the hatch is closed the plastic will still be able to breathe since the cover doesnt cover over the plastic it just rest next to it

    Back seat area i plan on building a floor from the front of seat area all the way back with either 2 10's or 2 12's with the amp recessed in the middle of the two subs. There is a step up of about 4inches where the seatbelt recievers are. So there is plenty of room for the subs to sit

    Sugestions and comments greatly appreciated

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    Moved to worklogs since not a completed project


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      guess no opinions


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        Originally posted by HumungousBacon View Post
        guess no opinions
        Two things to consider: (1) your worklog wasn't in this forum at first, so people here didn't see it for a while, and (2) it's a national holiday weekend, and there are lots of activities that pull us away from the Web; views and posts are lower for a few days. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. When someone has something pertinent to say, they will.

        Your installation looks good, so far.

        Fan Placement
        If you put fans side by side, they just circulate some of the same warm air. You might consider putting them at the top and making them both pull air out. Place matching-size holes -- maybe with grilles over them to keep trash out -- as a point to pull air in. Hot air rises, so putting the fans at the top pulls it out in its natural flow pattern.

        You could also put the grilles at the top and the fans at the bottom, pulling air into the plenum, but that works best if the plenum is pretty well sealed, other than the openings you placed. And those bottom fans that pull air in are more likely to get clogged with waste.
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          Nice looking install. What front end are you planning to run?
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            I haven't decided yet. I like CF so far. I'm trying out RR as soon as I get the new board and stuff in and everything running again.


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              Let me know if you need any help with the setup, I am not too much help with hardware but I can definitely give you some pointers with the front end, especially if you plan on using centrafuse. I am in Orlando so not too far away. Looks pretty good tho so far. I would definitely consider putting in vents since your case looks like an aluminum heatsink. I found that with cases like yours that they tend to suck up heat when not running. What ends up happening is the computer fails to start sometimes (during hot days) as it is already well above the working limits.


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                The case is at the top its built from lexan. The black metal thing your talking about in the middle is the factory installed Monsoon amp. The little black box on the left side is a project box that i had to build to be able to use my factory amp.


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                  That cubby in the back is perfect for the car pc, very stealth.

                  I'm with rdholtz on fan placement. Exhaust fans on top should pull enough hot air off the system. It should create enough air movement to pull in cooler air from your hatch (it looks like there is already a grill at the bottom of the compartment where air can enter). If it turns out to be too hot, think about maybe placing an intake fan over that grill .

                  Overall, looks good. Can't wait to see the dash fabrication completed.


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                    yea im thinking about going with two or three 40mm fans to pull out hot air from the case.


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                      I know compusa has some really nice high-flow, ultra quite 40mm fans. I had used some on a setup almost 2 years ago and they are still working like new. Make sure you get some nice fans otherwise the bearing will come apart in no time, and its a real pain to switch out fans that are glued so defiitely use screws to hold them on in case they need replacing. I definitely like the way that all your stuff tucks away into that cubby.

                      Oh and I was going to give you a little suggestion to put you ahead of the game. If you haven't already purchased a slot load DVD player for your dash consider getting a slot load Blu-ray player. I know there are a couple makes out there (Panasonic is supposed to have a nice one). It might put a little dent in your wallet but at least you don't have to worry about it getting obsolete any time soon.


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                        began working on a custom ipod dock today will get some pics here in a min


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                          doesn't look too bad. what is it a mkiv vr golf? i noticed teh climatronic. Follow the aforementioned advice. put a decent sized fan on the bottom pulling air in. put a grill and i suggest using some of that green plastic scratchpad stuff as a debris filtre. you'll get decent cooling. nice choice of location but not so hot on teh execution. the factory cd changer bin is a perfect size if you can make yourself a little case to stuff in there, if you vent that smaller case you won't have to vent the whole cubby. MOUNT YOUR HDD...ASAP! vibration kills drives.


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                            Thanks. Yeah its a 24V VR6. Love it. Thanks for the great advice will look into that.


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                              Should I assume you have an ipod classic since your using an ipod dock cause I have tried everything for my touch but there is no way to get it into disk mode.