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2002 VW GTI MKIV - First Carputer!

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  • 2002 VW GTI MKIV - First Carputer!

    • Introduction
      • Ive been searching, researching, and exploring these forums and peoples projects in hope of one day building my own car pc. Now that day has come, i am embarking on this project.
      • I have a 2002 VW GTI MKIV, and i already have a sound system so hooking up the PC audio shouldn't be to difficult.

    • Planning
      • Step1: Buy and Build Car PC:
        1. Case : VoomPC-2 Mobile Enclosure
        2. Mobo : Intel D945GCLF2 Mini-ITX ATOM dual-core
        3. PSU : M2-ATX Intelligent Power Supply
        4. RAM : 1gb DDRII Corsair 667mhz
        5. HDD : 160gb WD 2.5" 5400rpm
        6. LCD : VM7000 7" Touchscreen
        7. FrnEnd: Centrafuse Nav.
        • Going to install Rubber (or Neoprene) throughout to help with shock-resistance.

    • Plan of Attack
      • Step1: Mount and Wiring Carputer:
        1. I have several mounting ideas for the car PC
          1. Mount the PC in the Rear Cabinet that houses the CD-Changer(non existent).
          2. Mount the PC in the glove compartment.
          3. Mount the PC under the glove Compartment.
          4. Mount on back of Rear seat, next to amp.
        2. Here is a wiring Diagram i drew up:
      • Step2: LCD Mount:
        1. Create a Custom bezel or (just buy one)
        2. I want to create this custom ARM contraption that allows the driver to pull the LCD out of the Double Din and pull it up and angle it towards him.
        3. Will post a diagram later on.
        4. Wire Power and Inputs for the monitor
      • Step3: Accesories and Switches:
        1. Wire GPS Reciever to outside of the car( or ontop of the Dash)
        2. Wire in OBDII Link.
        3. (Maybe) Mount switch in blank key panel for manual Comp control.
        4. (Maybe) Construct Multimedia Controller(Play, Pause, Next, Back, and Volume) and mount in easy access position.
    Some Images:

    Rear View:



    If its not broke, try and fix it.
    My First Carputer