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  • 2009 Camry SE

    Hi All!

    I just recently picked up a 2009 Camry SE and love the ride. I opted not to get the nav unit as I figured I could either buy or make one that will probably be cheaper and that is better and more fun. I've spent quite a few days looking at a bunch of head units and all the ones on the market are nice and plug-and-play but always feel lacking. As a result, I've gone back to the idea of building a car-puter. Anyway, on to the more fun stuff!

    - akride -

    Quick background: I've built computers but never tried a car-puter
    Goal: Have a car-puter that looks good but is useful/fun and easy to fiddle with
    Timeline: Depends but not rushing anything
    Budget: Fluid

    Main Features - Primary Goals
    • Clean, OEM-look, in-dash, easy to upgrade parts
    • Navigation
    • Video/DVD/Audio/Satellite
    • Bluetooth Telephone
    Main Features - Secondary Goals/Wishlist
    • Car Info - OBDII, TPMS
    • Internet - Wi-fi, Piggyback 3G from cell phone
    • Reverse Camera
    • Remote Control
    • Dash Kit - Metra Kit (purchased)
    • Double DIN Chassis - ByByte Double Din Mini-ITX Enclosure ( (purchased)
    • Screen - Touchscreen, 7"
    • Motherboard
    • Power Supply
    • Processor
    • RAM
    • Hard Drive
    • DVD Drive
    • Antennas - GPS, HD, DTV
    Aug 6, 2009 - I'm a n00b to the car-puter area so I've been spending my time running through these forums and the net to get a general gist of what I need. The main problem I'm having right now is trying to find a chassis. I don't have much fabrication experience nor do I know someone who can do it for me. My ideal chassis...
    ...looks like those aftermarket chassis with a tilting screen. Ideally, I'd also like a chassis with the ability to change out the screen as needed (e.g., for future screens). The best example is the new Kenwood DNX9140, which has a reverse tilt as well.
    I went to a few sites (e.g.,,, JKM InFill) but still haven't found something that fits. I haven't found anything yet. Anyone have an idea?

    Oct 31, 2011 - Yes, a turtle moves faster than the progress of this project but it's moving. I just received the ByByte Double Din Mini-ITX enclosure over the weekend. It looks awesome! I am going to do a physical check to ensure that the chassis fits nicely. Otherwise, my next steps are to look into getting a motherboard and screen combo that I'd like to use. So far, because of the chassis, I'm thinking of staying with a capacitive Lilliput EBY701. Oh, and the Metra kit that I picked up has a "shelf" that I'm going to have to cut off.
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    It depends on how much fabrication you're willing to do, or how much you're willing to buy. The slickest in-dash units I've seen are from blk02si, whose work was the basis for what I (over)built for my installation. He provides chassis or complete systems. His worklog for his own installation is here, his previous installation is here, and his website is here. He answers questions freely and appears to provide fine support. He does custom CNC machining work, as well.

    As for the tilting, I'm just working that out for my screen; I'm using a Lilliput 889GL, case and all. I've come up only with ideas so far -- no sketches, no prototype. Try searching MP3Car for it; I'll be interested in what you find, because I'm about to go and do the same thing, myself. I may end up designing something, but that would be a while down the road.

    I'd recommend taking your dash apart and carefully measuring space available not just for the unit, but for the cables that attach to it; although I thought I'd left enough cable space, my system is pretty tight back there -- functional, but tight.

    Take pictures from all sorts of angles and make good, clear sketches with dimensions. They'll be very valuable as you go along.

    Welcome aboard, and best of luck with your installation. We'll be watching . . .
    If just enough is really good, then too much ought to be perfect.

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      Thanks a bunch for the info rdholtz. Just took a look at blk02si's work and it's very impressive! I'm actually quite interested in learning how to do fabrication myself but the main current limiting factors are experience and equipment.

      I've only hit the tip of the iceberg in the fabrication section but I didn't see any chassis that would match what I was looking for.

      Here is one promising thread that I saw:
      General Hardware Discussion > Interest in a dual din chassis with touch screen

      There was another thread that I ran across that had similar plans but it seems like that one fizzled out:
      User Innovations > Production Double-Din VGA Touchscreen in the making!

      That's definitely on my to-do list to poke around the dash but I'm not terribly worried about space as I've looked at other people's disassembly of the dash and it looks like there's plenty of room back there.
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        Hey akride, how's your car PC going? Any progress?
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          Originally posted by MeeM View Post
          Hey akride, how's your car PC going? Any progress?
          Thanks for the follow-up. Unfortunately, it's been really busy and budget has been tight for a while so I've had to put the project on hold but I do have a good idea of what I'm aiming to put in:

          I've already picked up the dash kit so that was a simple step. As far as the enclosure, ByByte has put together a nice double-din enclosure that should fit nicely. It lacks the motorized screen I'd like but that's a small sacrifice. So, I'm going to get that enclosure as my starting block and play with it. It's looks like a pretty good deal, esp since it'll have a nice clean enclosure already built and I'd have to do minimal fabricating. The chassis alone is $58 but if you want to use their pre-built package with screen, it's currently priced at $269.
          2009 Toyota Camry SE
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            Ahh k. Yeah ByByte has a good range of dash kits. I probably should've bought my fascia from them because it has an inner frame which covers the gaps on the sides of the LCD. If you see my fascia (bought directly from Toyota), it hasn't got the inner frame and those side gaps are annoying me. I'm going to get some acrylic and fabricate my own inner frame. Fun times ahead

            Have you decided on any other parts yet?
            2007 Camry Altise In-dash Car PC