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92 Eagle Summit carputer, it begins.........

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  • 92 Eagle Summit carputer, it begins.........

    This is the car, I now have a working Acer Power 2000 slimline notebook AKA core 2 duo with a gig of ram to power the system with a DC - DC PSU wired into my DEH860MP head unit for audio processing. With the onboard HD sound pumped into a premier deck the sound quality should be sweeeeet! I will soon incorporate a 5.1 signal processor to gimme true surround sound. The dash has 2 single din openings which will hold the head unit below and the fold out VGA screen above. Since budget is a bit of a factor and I couldn't fabricate my way out of a wet paper bag, this will have to do. Other goodies will be Wifi, GPS, dual zone monitor with wireless headphones etc. I know this car is small and crappy but it is my first official build and the car was free so it is a good practice project and a great test bed for other freaky devices. I will post more pics as time goes on.
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    Well the Eagle Summit is based on the Mitsubishi Mirage. So I don't think that is [email protected] I hear you on the fold out screen. When I bought my truck, I went with a flip out screen, but it didn't match my truck. I bought a EBY701 and payed someone to redo my bezel. I think it ran me $180 for the mod. Looks OEM now. On the Mirage/Summit though, a flip out will look good. Take pictures of the interior.
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      Here is some component pics for now, the Acer cpu and my Premier head unit. More to follow!

      I will get some cabin shots later today after I clean it a little....

      One other thought I had for an 8 inch screen was to make an overhead console and make the screen pull down or fold back up at an angle in a curve type of idea. It would block the rear view mirrow when down but as soon as I put it up it would be out of the way. I would have to fabricate the mechanism to make it swing down or back up and flat. That may be the 2.0 upgrades in the future....
      If you only knew the power of the dark side.....