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  • VW Corrado 16v

    Hi there.

    Ive been lurking in the background on this forum for a few years now but never really had a car for long enough to build a car PC project. I have just bought my 2nd corrado and ive decided to keep this 1 for as long as i can so the last few years of researching on this site is going to come in handy.

    Over the last few years i have been collecting parts for the project, i have a 8 inch lilliput touchscreen, Via M10000 MiniITX board, M3-ATX psu and i have recently purchaced, off ebay a spare bit of dash i can cut up with the dremmel. The PC is pretty much ready to go.

    This weekend i have spent many many hours in my mates shed fabricating the dash. Its not quite finished as it needs a bit more sanding and spraying but i thought id post it on here as ive made more progress in the last 2 days than i have in 3 years.

    Making all this fit in the dash was a right pain in the A**e! getting strength in there while trying to make it good is hard. Plenty of sanding and filling to make it look perfect but still patchy. I cant wait to get it all working!
    Once i have got this finished i will be hopefully making a case for the PC then running all the cables from the boot to the front.

    Ill keep you all posted and feedback welcome

    Thanks for all your help, info and guidance

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    That's excellent stuff. I've always been a big fan of the Corrados and Sciroccos, especially with those tight little 16V engines in.

    Keep up the good work!


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      You'll want to test the bezel to be sure the screen frame is straight when installed. If the screen is tight to the bezel, and the bezel is at all warped when installed, there's a danger of breaking the screen. It's a good idea to leave the screen loose when you fit check it, just to be sure.
      If just enough is really good, then too much ought to be perfect.

      2006 Scion xB with in-dash Atom & Lilliput 889GL -- Worklog at


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        thanks for your advice. When i was moulding the screen into the dash i made sure it fitted perfectly after every bit of glue dried then filled in all the gaps with epoxy filler.

        Ive decided to use StreetDeck for my front end as it seem to be the best all rounder avalible after testing all the demos i could of got hold of. looking for skins now


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          Spent several hours last nite finishing off the sanding and spraying of the dash. Looks so much better than i was expecting. While i waited for the paint to dry i tested the touchscreen and pc to make sure every thing was working correctly.

          The finished product -

          The diffrences between the original dash and my modified dash -

          The pc quietly running off a car battery (First time ive tested the M3 PSU)-

          The dash fitted into my car

          Its just cabling that needs doing now, Hopefully i will get this done tomorrow, if not 1 evening after work in the week.
          I will post a few more pictures of the PC install and when every thing is up and running


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            Job well done! I'm jealous now lol.