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Holden commodore VZ SV6

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  • Holden commodore VZ SV6

    Hi members

    OK, So 5 years later and I have finally started this project. it goes to show that it is never too late!
    from previously putting things on hold due to job prospects, to selling the car, to working 7 days/week etc... but enough is enough and here we go!
    ( former work log: EL XR6 install )

    The Hardware:

    Computer - MSI E350IA-E45 (purchased):

    MSI E350IA-E45 motherboard, 1.6Ghz Dual Core AMD Zacate APU, 2Gb DDR3 1333Mhz RAM, M2-ATX automotive grade smart power supply, Black Box Mobile chassis, 250Gb SATA II hard drive, and 10x USB ports

    Monitor (purchased)
    * lilliput 8'' 15:9 Wide Screen Touchscreen VGA Monitor

    • windows XP lite
    • Road Runner

    The Doof Doof (owned for 5 years or so)
    • 2 X 12' Pioneer Subs (400 RMS each)
    • Factory Standard Pioneer 6 speaker system
    • Jaycar Response Car Amp Class D 800WRMS
    • 2 Farad Jaycar Capacitor
    • Adding rear seat door speakers and parcel shelf speakers

    The machine

    Holden VZ SV6 commodore
    • 195KW alloytech V6 engine
    • FE2 suspensions with 20 inch shoes
    • Semi sequential 5 speed auto
    • Leather interior
    • 15% window tint on all 4 side windows
    • 5% tint on rear windscreen (I do not understand the concept of sun readable LCD when the screen is inside the car and it's is dark tint, that is the best way to have an LCD in the car, just tint the windows!)

    Wiring diagram (work in progress - updated 1/11/2011)

    OBDII scanner:

    Already purchased the GPS dongle TSI GM-2

    Feel free to add any comments - ideas - feedback.

    I will update as i go, including installation pictures etc...

    I am aiming to install everything over the xmas break as I do not have work between the 23rd December and 3rd January.
    I need to learn how to do fiber glass too
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    quick update, I am changing to a 8" LCd 4"3 ratio as i have the space for it.

    I am in the process of buying the screen very soon


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      Those Dell SX280 units have pretty high power draw, making them less than ideal for vehicle use. The power brick outputs 12vDC @ 18A, which is quite a bit.
      While I don't think the PC actually draws that much amperage, which comes to over 200w total.

      In all honesty, if you're going to draw that much power, you can have far more computing power & reliability. Frankly, the SX280 is a bit of a lemon. I have to replace them pretty frequently.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        I like Mine...

        I have a SX280 for over a year now. Got it off e-bay. I do agree about the power draw though. I changed my plans and went with an itx board in a lego case. I use the SX280 as a server for my home media.
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          after nearly 3 years, my project is on the move!
          I purchased the LILLIPUT 8" 4:3 859GL-80NP/C/T from carmate - ebay seller in the US.
          I hope it is worth the money, it costs as much as a 24" desktop lcd lol

          DarquePervert and insaneramman, thank you for your feedback. I have decided to move away from the sx280, I have it for sale now and a friend is interested.
          I will purchase an miniitx system with PSU inbuilt and all that in one instead.


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            Nice to see another Aus CarPC! Looks like a good plan!


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              looks good mate, good move ditching the sc280, you will be able to build a much better pc that draws less.


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                yeah , i noticed my power will be a problem especially with the "great" (not) wiring and alternators that Holdens have.

                I also have a 800rms sound system, so need to consider that in.
                should not be long now, The LCD is leaving the US today, i hope.


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                  the LCD arrive yesterday, very fast delivery considering it was coming from the US.

                  it is the lilliput 859GL-80NP/C/T 8" 4:3
                  I should test it very soon and put pictures and measurements.
                  If you have any questions regarding the LCD , please ask.


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                    Thats a pretty traitorous move, going from a 'coon to a 'dore there phantom!! Hope the mates didn't rib you too badly!!

                    But looking forward to seeing the install, as was said, good to see another Aussie giving it a go! Hard enough to find some of the gear down under, you end up having to buy it all from the US, but at least its a good exchange rate at the moment

                    Keep up the updates!


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                      Yes, it was a massive move, especially from manual to auto - I guess it has semi-sequential paddles, but it is not the same!
                      I was getting desperate to buy a car and get rid of my old one, especially when it had a few issues already and was offered 5k for it by the dealer lol.

                      I bought the screen, soon I should have the PC components and start install!
                      and yes the dollar is doing pretty well, hence i pushed to get the screen. Especially when it was expensive.

                      and you never know, we might meet one day


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                        We might have to compare notes some time. I am starting my project on my Pontiac GTO which is basically a Monaro and very similar inside.


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                          sounds good to me.

                          I will be updating the thread as I go with full instructions and pictures.
                          This site's community helped a lot and it is the least I can do in return.


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                            ok update :
                            I finally got this project on the move.
                            just purchased the carpc, already have the monitor and other hardware.

                            I updated the first thread with the new hardware including the new wiring diagram (which is not complete)


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                              Subscribe to this, especially as you are in Vic