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  • 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan car PC

    Hi guys,

    I've been lurking around here for a few months now and silently planning my first car PC! I've been building pc's for years, but I'm very new to car stereo. I've accumulated some of the parts needed for my project, enough to build the PC for testing and setup in the house first. I've been writting a blog about the project and now that I've started actually building, I wanted to mention it here so others could give me feedback. You can find it here.

    Here is a basic list of what I'm working with for now.

    Zotac Ion D motherboard
    4th gen Mo-co-so case
    400gig WD Scorpio Blue HD
    Sirius scc1+mjs usb adaptor

    Now that I've introduced myself, I have a stupid question. I've already emailed Chris at Mo-Co-So, but figured I'd post here as well in case anyone else runs into this same newbie question. Also it's the weekend and if I were Chris I wouldn't answer my email on the weekend!

    My question is about powering my pc in the house (ac).

    I'm just now getting around to putting my car pc together and I have a few questions that I hope you can answer if you have time. My questions are related to the m2-atx and the 4th gen case.

    I'm trying to set it up for use inside for now until I get it all setup and configured. I've installed the motherboard (Zotac Ion), HD and ram on the mounting plate. I've hooked up the front panel, usb and audio, no prob. I've connected the power sw from the case to the M2-atx (j8) and run j9 from the m2-atx to the power sw header on the Zotac MB. I'm ok with all of this.

    On the case there is a barrel connector on the outside running to a molex connector on the inside. What is this for? At first I assumed it was for connecting the AC/DC switching adaptor but now I'm not sure. I also have the 6 pin harness which I'm not sure what to do with. From what I've read I guess it's to be used with an ATX power supply to power the computer. Is this just another option to power the computer other than using the AC/DC adaptor?

    I'm hope I'm making sense. Basically, I need to know what to hook up to be able to power the computer from my AC in the house. I have the following parts.

    6pin harness

    AC/DC switching adaptor

    M1/M2/M3-atx power adaptor

    My guess is that I have the parts for doing this in 2 different ways, but I'm just not sure. Ideally I'd like to use the AC/DC adaptor so I don't have to use an ATX power supply. Thx for any help you can offer.

    Rob W.

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    Hi Rob,

    Having just finished installing my CarPC with very similar components. i believe i am in a good position to answer some of your questions.

    The barrel connector on the case is to power your monitor using a wire with 2.5mm barrel plug on both end.

    The 6 pin harness as in your 1st picture, one end connects to the M2-ATX while the other end connects to the M1/M2/M3-atx power adaptor (You may need to crimp the ends of your wires).

    The AC/DC switching adapter is then connected to the barrel end of the M1/M2/M3-atx power adaptor.

    I hope that make sense.


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      Thx. for the response JoseJag. I eventually figured out why my M2-ATX wasn't starting when I pressed the power switch. It is because I had J10(abcd) all off. In this mode, apparently you can't have IGN connected or it won't work. I had POS,IGN,NEG all connected, hence no go. I jumpered J10a and everything came to life as expected.

      Rob W.


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        you know that in Australia we call trailers caravans and trailer parks caravan parks.


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          In America, we put worklogs in worklog forums.


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            Originally posted by upriverpaddler View Post
            In America, we put worklogs in worklog forums.

            Yes, in someplaces of China, worklogs are also in worklog forums....