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Lotus Elise CarPc Project

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  • Lotus Elise CarPc Project

    Im Back on the CarPc BandWagon , with some time to spare and a few good ideas

    After building a Carpc in my Puma and in my z3 , There has always been problems with the screens ! , always the screens and sound issues .. other than that perfect.

    Any Way , In june i picked up a lotus elise . I have had a itch to build another carpc , and i think the elise may be a winner.

    Heres MY setup so Far

    System Hardware
    Intel Little Falls 2 with Integrated Intel Atom 330 Processor Motherboard
    Corsair 2GB DDR2 667MHz/PC2-5300 Memory
    Western Digital WD3200BEVT 320GB 2.5" Hard Drive
    Powerd USB Hub
    Mobile internet Dongle , With 12months Free Net
    Belkin Wireless Dongle
    Mini Bluetooth Adapter

    The Latest Centrafuse Software
    Windows Xp Sp3 - Full - Carpc Bootup Stripped By me


    T0701A 7" In-Dash TFT-LCD Touchscreen VGA Car Monitor


    USB Carpc Amplifier

    The Plan

    Im going to purchase a sheet of aluminium , build and screw the whole setup on there and bolt this under the dash board ( thank god for lotus's cheapness of building a hollow dashboard)

    There should be a ground and power point at the front of the car so i can connect to that.

    The 3g dongle i am going to run under the center console to the rear , nice and far away from any speakers or amplifers

    I will get Some picture up tomorrow of the car , and points where i plan to mount

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    Were you able to start on this project? It seems pretty straightforward but I was thinking about doing this with my 2006 Exige. Adding review camera support and such. I just wanted to see how it turned out before I invest the time and money.


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      i actually bought a spare part of a dashboard , and had a laser cut aluminum bezzle created for the screen ... But with it being winter etc i havnt been to botherd with it ..!

      But ... i instead bought a mdt-x7000 indash screen for the time being , so far seems good ? Maybe im lucky with it being new .. and one of the latest models. Seems probally the best indash i have had ..

      Any way .. For the casing i bought a complete mini-itx clear perspex case ...

      I will update this post as i go along.


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        Quick Update ... My progress on replacing the MDT-X7000

        (Should also mention i used all spare parts .. My lotus is untouched )

        Link to a quick Video



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          Looks great! I am guessing this is a series 1?


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            Nope Early s2


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              oooooh okay. I was wondering how you had a different dash layout, and then I noticed you were in Essex haha.


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                Im selling a MDT-x7000 Btw
                Which you can have for 550 , wld go perfect with the new shape dash