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(UK) Renault Clio Mk2 (2000) In Car PC install!

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  • (UK) Renault Clio Mk2 (2000) In Car PC install!

    Hi there! After owning my first car for a couple of years now, I decided to give the whole In-Car PC a go!

    I have no worries about the PC part, as it is one of my hobbies and I am quite knowlwdgeable.
    The only thing I'm struggling over is going to be building the LCD surround.

    I have attatched pictures of the very start of the install!

    I have ordered a 10.2" LCD Touchscreen from LinITX which you can see here

    Hopefully it will be delivered tomorrow and i can get some mouldings from it!

    John G (UK)
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    Got my screen today. Couldn't wait to see how it sat in the car so when I got round to my mates, took the car dash off and here's how it looks!!!

    Gotta work on the surround, got a basic bracket made from sheet aluminium which securely holds the screen ,just need to make a neat one.

    I will also do a write up on the Linitx 10.2" screen, which is the mutts nuts! I'm actually using handwriting input to write this reply and ever with my shoddy handwriting, its a dream!

    John G
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      Nice. Can't wait to see the completed work. I wish I could put a 10" in my dash. I probably could but not without dramatically modifying my dash.
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        Making a mould, or making a mess?

        Hey all,

        Had a free day today so decided on trying to do some moulding for the bezel.
        Unluckily, as you saw in my first post, I had to hack my dask apart with a saw.

        This is because I can't take the lower half of it off without taking off steering wheel and messing with Airbags, which is a big no no!

        Anyhow, I found some "Air Drying Clay" in Hobbycraft which was pretty cheap, so i fixed my screen in temporarily and started to "putty" in - much like a glazier does with a window pane.

        Hopefully, after the 12hrs has passed I will be able to easily get this out!
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          damn that screen is HUGE! nice work. I wouldn't worry too much about taking the steering wheel off either on account of the air bag... just use proper caution like disconnecting the battery and make sure you wait about 15 minutes and then try to crank it after the battery is disconnected to make sure you drain all of the capacitors that might be holding a charge.
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            Picture of test run

            Here's some pics of the system in action! I've now managed to re-locate my stereo under my glove box.

            Also removed the "Moulding" for now, but might need to do another cast, as that one fell apart...

            Might try the bumper filler next time...

            Oh and I'm using my EEE901 to power it for now.
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              Cool lighting. Where is your Eee mounted? And where did you relocate your AC vents!?
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                Hi there,

                Firstly, to answer your question, i'm going to lose the AC vents. When I get round to it, i'm going to put a blanking plate across the outlet behind the monitor so it doesn't get too hot - you see, over here in the UK, we tend to use a lot more of the "heat" setting rather than "A/C cool" - and I don't have A/C on my model

                Anyway! I've had 2 strokes of luck today .
                Firstly, I got speaking to our fire alarm engineer, and managed to get hold of a 12v 12/Ah Rechargable battery - This will be great for my "tank". Oh did I mention brand new and free-of-charge (oh yeah!)

                Also, one of my colleagues at work has a ****d Advent 4486 netbook, which he's gonna let me have for 50 quid (quid=GBP) because the screen is broken! Yipee!

                Got 5 days off work coming up soon, so will have to get doing some more work, but most people at work think its cool so far

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                  Where'd did you get your dash lighting, for the clock and the instrument panel and the seatbelt and door warning lights? Because I'd like to try doing that in my Clio as the look the same model