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Ford Falcon BF XR8 Ute - Mac Mini Install

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  • Ford Falcon BF XR8 Ute - Mac Mini Install

    Hello all

    Planning a mac mini install into my Ford Falcon BF XR8 Ute:-

    Current audio system consists of:
    Alpine CDA-9887 Headunit with iPod
    Digital Designs C4a 100 wrms x 4 channel amp
    Digital Designs C2a 200 wrms x 2 channel amp (bridged to sub ~500wrms)
    Morel Supremo tweeters mounted in a pillars
    DynAudio MW160GT mid woofers mounted in doors.
    OzAudio Matrix Elite 12" subwoofer in 1.8cf sealed box.
    Stinger 0awg wiring
    Exide Orbital deep cycle battery

    Planned upgrades include:
    Mac Mini 2GHz C2D, 2GB Ram, 320GB HDD, Airport+Bluetooth
    Carnetix P2140 PSU with revised MacPac cable
    VGA-CGA converter for factory screen
    Apple mini-dvi to vga adaptor
    AI Net AUX input cable for headunit
    Dynamat bulk pack sound deadening for doors etc
    KnuKonceptz battery terminals + distribution blocks

    think thats about it

    Some photos of the audio install:

    Tweeter install, will be removing to finish paint prep and repainting over christmas

    Sub install

    Headunit (paint since touched up)

    DynAudio mids

    Performance includes:
    ZF 6sp Auto
    Pacemaker 4-1 headers
    Xforce cats
    Xforce dual 2.5" catback
    Bluepower CAI
    Custom tune

    Previous dyno it made 215rwkw, since added the CAI

    Will post more once i receive all the parts

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    Mac Mini showed up today

    Carnetix P2140 w/new mac pac shipped today - should arrive monday/tuesday

    VGA - CGA adaptor some how ended up in a different state and has been on its way for 2 weeks now


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      Heya Mate, looking forward to this one.

      A few words of advice though: You may want to get rid of the mac-mini, they are notoriously slow to boot into the OS, whether using Mac OS X or Bootcamp with Win XP. Fast POST and boot to desktop is a must.

      Secondly, which VGA/CGA converter did you opt for - the local Ozzie one I think you're onto doesn't work well, especially on the ICC TFT display - rather get a computer that can support an ArcadeVGA graphics-card.

      Will save you lots of headaches/stress/disappointment later.
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        thanks for the tips

        The mac mini will be running all the time in sleep mode when not in use, if i have battery drain issues ill add another battery.

        If i decide boot times are too slow if i need to cold boot then ill install a SSD drive (iv got one in my mac pro, ~5 second boot time compared with 30+ seconds

        VGA-CGA ill see how i go, i want a mac so that rules out using the ArcadeVGA
        Ill only really be using it with front row so it does not need to be great - screen is too low res for much else and with no touch screen not many programs suit it.

        Iv had a good read over your progress, looks good.


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          Problem is not the boot-time wrt drive access - it's initializing the EFI on the Mini - something that seemingly takes ages
          F6 Tornado Project Log ; HP Blackbird Watercooled Server

          Beta Tester for Centrafuse and 3dConnexion (No business affiliation with either)


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            P2140, powermate and CGA converter arrived today.

            Just waiting on the toyota loom for the ICC video connection (unless there is another way?)

            Anyone had any luck getting the powermate to work with front row?

            If i use powermate software its all possible except being able to press the esc key for back

            If i use proxi its not very reliable in choosing between click and hold click - also the esc key on hold tends to close front row rather than go back

            and USBoverdrive only seems to have left right and click no hold click etc


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              @ Luke:

              Mmm...maybe have a looky at my Project Log. You may want to check the next 2 pages too......

              If you in for it, we could make a decent deal here.

              I'm after a stock center-console.

              I have mine, with the MacMini still mounted in it, Carnetix PSU, shutdown switch for those periods where your UTE will be stopped for a week or longer, this will prevent battery drain, a 120mm quiet fan in the bottom to supply fresh air to the MacMini, and 3 sockets to provide GND/+12V/Ign to the carnetix.

              I will remove the MacMini and the Carnetix, but leave the cables, fan, switch et al...and will then want your stock concole, and the cables for your carnetix.

              Have a look at the pictures in the thread I linked,and if you're interested in this, let me know. Otherwise, no worries.

              The mac doesn't fit in the tissue-holder area, to long.
              F6 Tornado Project Log ; HP Blackbird Watercooled Server

              Beta Tester for Centrafuse and 3dConnexion (No business affiliation with either)


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                In hindsight, probably not a good idea anyway.

                Will look for a 2nd-hand center console from one of the breaker-yards.
                F6 Tornado Project Log ; HP Blackbird Watercooled Server

                Beta Tester for Centrafuse and 3dConnexion (No business affiliation with either)


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                  thanks for the offer but i think im going to mount the mini under the drivers seat

                  Dont need access to the optical drive really ever so no problem not having access.

                  On friday night i ended up test fitting my mini with cga converter, im pretty happy with picture quality, its as i pretty much expected - no way you can navigate the OS but that was never going to be attempted anyway but with front row open easy to read and no junk on screen like iv seen mentioned.

                  Next week seats etc will come out for rewiring etc

                  Also had it run up on the dyno last week, now making 225kw post CAI


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                    Saturday i got a few hours on the car to Dynamat the front doors

                    Door Dynamatted, service holes were left unsealed due to practicalities of retaining OEM foams but its pretty well sealed

                    Door trim Dynamatted, some plastic trimmed near speaker mounts as they were touching the speaker surrounds slightly

                    Overall so far 2 sheets per door of Dynamat used.

                    Monday i started stripping the rest of the car down for rewiring etc

                    Drivers seat is out, lots of plastic trim out, 4 channel amp out etc

                    Rear cab wall is going to receive a lot of Dynamat, it sounds like a bongo drum when you just touch it

                    around 1/2 sheet per rear quarter which will leave around 2 sheets for misc bits


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                      Rear firewall Dynamat'ed, around 2 sheets total

                      Drivers quarter panel

                      Passenger quarter panel

                      Trim back in place, wiring started including front to back wiring up the centre console
                      Mac mini + accessories in place. Some wiring is still bit of a mess but that has either been cleaned up or still to be.

                      Its now all back together and working again, few bits to sort out with the mac but getting there.


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                        Hi Luke,

                        Where you at with your Worklog ???