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2009 Saturn Vue Carpc with Optical Transflective

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  • 2009 Saturn Vue Carpc with Optical Transflective

    Hey guys, I built a Carpc back in my old 2005 Saturn Vue a few years ago and I finally traded her in for the new 2009. Right now I'm in purchasing mode and trying to get caught up on all the new technology. Here is what I have planned so far:

    1. Foxconn barebones PC - - $94
    2. Patriot 2gb DDR2 - -$43
    3. OCZ Vertex series 60GB SSD - - $219
    4. Mo-So-Co 7" Optically Bonded Transflective Liliput EBY701 - - $499
    5. Double Din frame for screen - $24
    6. Centrafuse Front End (No nav software) - $74
    7. Joycon Steering Wheel interface - - $32
    8. XM radio interface
    9. GPS USB
    10. Rearview camera

    So here are my questions:

    1. Which DC-DC power supply should I use with this setup (I was thinking the M3ATX but not set yet)?
    2. I still need to decide on an amplifier. I dont need anything special and I'll be sticking with the OEM speakers for a while. Anyone know of a good value sub $150 amp?
    3. Anything I'm missing or comments on the setup?

    Here are some pics of my Vue:
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    Well I decided that the original case that came with the PC I purchased was too big, so I ended up pulling the motherboard out and buying some plexiglass. I cut 2 pieces 10X10 inches and installed the board / fan. I still need to order the hard drive and M3ATX PSU. Here are some pics of my progress today:
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      Well I started taking the Vue apart today...The goal was to get all of the wire run from the trunk to the dash and also to put sound deadening material under the carpet since we were going to have the seats out anyways. Here are some pictures of my progress:
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