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97 impreza. finally got install started

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  • 97 impreza. finally got install started

    finally got round to starting my impreza install. consisted of running power
    wires and rca cables throught the car.

    I started taking some pictures as i went but during the process i manged to hurt my
    back quite badly and as the car was stripped down at work i had to rebuild the car in
    absolute agony so the picture taking went to the wayside a bit.

    Anyway here is what i did take.

    the start of the strip. front seats out

    rear seats out

    carpets gone

    inteercooler removed to route power wire

    fuse holder mounted on battery clamp

    all wire routed carpets back in

    I was hoping to get the amp and sub in but with my back going i was lucky to get the
    interior back in.

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    Good start man. Just curious, what kind of setup are you planning?


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      for now it's going to be very basic.

      alpine head unit
      ripspeed 13cm co ax's in the front
      standard rear speakers
      mutant 12" sub powered by a alpine mrv t420

      When its finished

      carputer up front running thinks
      alpine type r 17cm cmponents in custom front door builds
      powered by alpine mrv t420
      alpine type s 17cm co ax's in rear
      not sure of there power source yet
      alpine type r 12" sub in custom enclosure
      powered by a bridged alpine mrv t420


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        do you have all the speakers?

        wouldnt it be easier to go straight for the alpine speakers now(save the double spending)
        Carpc plan=========90% -Never going to be finished!
        Carpc parts==5% -Computer died
        Carpc install==5% -Need to install computer
        Carpc worklog-0% -Need to start that soon


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          Originally posted by da_glu View Post

          do you have all the speakers?

          wouldnt it be easier to go straight for the alpine speakers now(save the double spending)
          i already have the ripspeed speakers. the alpines and the ripspeed ones the reason i'm not using the alpine compnents yet is they dont fit. so door builds will be made to accomodate them but i want the boot finishing first.


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            I got a bit more done on the boot yesterday.

            the boot floor pieces together

            hindged flap for access to spare wheel

            Due to the boot floor been so uneven i have decided to put a wooden frame under it which i will shape to the floor

            It's made up of 4 parts the 2 sides a centre peice and the flap, i put a slot in the side of the centre peice and the side peices and inserted some plastic guides in the side peices

            this so the sides can be put in place then the centre slides in between them locking every thing together.


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              Finally got the frame in and the new floor fitted and secured.

              the bare boot.

              the frame in place

              the frame mounted on the bottom of the floor

              my plan from the start was not screw or permanently fasten any of this build to the car it's self. the idea been the whole thing can be removed without any trace of it being there.

              so i taped the outline of the frame onto the floor then applied a bead of sealer to the bottom of the frame to help it sit nice and flush on the very uneven floor. the sealer sits on the tape and not the boot floor.

              and finally the whole lot fitted

              there is plenty of access to the spare wheel

              next step mocking up the sub box and amp rack


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                Thread moved to worklog section. Looking good so far.

                Try RevFE
                The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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                  ok sorry about that i didnt know how to post it to the work log section.


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                    well spent a lot of time over the last week working on the sub box not that it looks like a lot of work has gone into it but it has.

                    here is the area taped off and foil being applied

                    first few layers of fiber glass and mdf base and end panel

                    the mould removed. it was tight to get out

                    A few more layers of fiber glass a top and the other end panel. cut out in the top panel for the boot hindge

                    the cut out for the boot hindge has now been boxed in. i foun to tiny leaks when i was checking the box volume so it needs a little bit of sealing but it's just about done.

                    a few pictures of the sub box. hole will be cut when i get the sub

                    the start of a homemade slide actuator to operate the boot floor


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                      It's been a while since i posted any updates. Not that much to post really but here are a few pictures.

                      Ive been playing about with the amp rack. sorry about the poor quality of the pictures.

                      the bits of mdf on the front and sides are not part of it just what i was using to keep the top in the right place while marking the hole to be cut out.

                      here it is wit the the top on on the L.E.D's fitted

                      I'm disappointed with the way the light is shinning on the amps, its a bit random and not very uniform. I'm hoping when the perspex is fitted it will carry the light and look better.