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1971 Datsun 510 "sr510"

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  • 1971 Datsun 510 "sr510"

    I guess this isnt your average Carpc install.. My Car is a 1971 datsun 510 that is retrofitted with a SR20Det from a JDM 180sx. This is my first attempt at a Carpc, my initial inspiration for it is I am running a fully programable ECU by AEM. It allows me to tune the car through a laptop and monitor all aspects of the engine while running. Not to mention all the other great stuff you can do with carpc's ..

    So this is the Beggining of my worklog .. some pics of my car...

    I am at the moment rewiring the entire car and reconstucting the dash .. I made some templates for the new dash out of MDF the final prduct will be vinyl covered aluminum or sheet CF.

    laptop / Ecu

    Playing with one of my Xenarcs in the garage .. I think I might leave this one hooked up here.. makes for a nice stereo for the garage..

    Here is some planning I have tried to lay out so far... any feedback is greatly appreciated.. the first is pretty general and my first attempt at laying out the whole thing..

    So far I have
    Dell D600 mounted in trunk in a Dock
    Xenarc 700ts in dash
    7 port usb hub
    Carnetix p1900 to power the two. (laptop powered through p1900 to lind adapter)
    Carnetix p5v to pwr usb hub in dash
    usb soudncard in dash (undecided on type) to rca aux channel on alpine headunit
    USB GPS Reciever
    ** no longer going to use usb dvd

    This one shows how I (think) I plan on wiring things up for power through the P1900 .. Since I have a Dell and it has a proprietary power source (see my post in how to power laptop) I have to run the p1900 through a lind aut adapter to have the laptop work correctly..

    please any advise / suggestions / input is all greatly appreciated and welcome.. I am learning as fast as I can .. and its thanks to the folk sin this forum that I have been able to even get to this point...

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    Awesome Datsun!!!
    Originally posted by menudude
    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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      Good to see a real car!
      I too enjoy my (45 year) old car albeit fitted with modern electrics etc.
      If only it cosmetically mach your too!


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        Awesome work on the car, I love those old Datsun's. I've been dreaming about upgrading an old car to modern tech. It's a perfect combination. I was thinking either an old 70's Civic (if I can find a non-rusted body) with a newer Honda VTEC'ish engine or if I win a lottery, I'd love to do a Toyota 2000GT with a 2JZ. They're such beautiful cars. A 510's also an awesome choice. They're so light and nimble. At least you've got a bulletproof engine to work from.

        Would it not be easier to work with an old standby Mini-ITX system? I guess if you've already got the Laptop, why not use it. It's just much easier to deal with the power and addons with a standard desktop unit. Also, why are you ditching the USB DVD?

        At least you've got the requisite wink mirror installed.

        Keep up the good work, looks great so far.


        How Much Horsepower Can I have And Still Go To Heaven?


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          Reminds me of the Monster Garage "Honey Bee Drifter".

          I love the 510's and I wish you the best with your install!
          You are never done installing a CarPC.


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            Speaking of Wasps... (My ride)


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              Very nice car and project.
              CarPC: Mini-MAC Coming Soon!


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                Thank you all for the comments .. that honey bee drifter is a new one to me.. A friend of mine here in the bay has a 510 with the same VQ 350z motor .. its pretty crazy. I am actually going to be taking this car to the track every so often both for autocross, full track grip and I may also may see how it likes sliding in some drift sessions... One of my plans (that I havent completely figured out yet) is to hook up a usb video capture connector to allow me to hook up 2 - 3 bullet camera's in and on the car while at the track. I want to be able to use the carpc as a dvr to record footage from the cameras on to the harddrive. I am still doing some research as to the equipment and software necessary to get decent quality footage. If anyone has any experience with this kind of thing let me know..

                Well Hopefully Ill get you guys some updates soon!!


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                  Small update..

                  I have finished the new dash..

                  and some wiring for the carpc .. the p1900 is going to sit in the dash above the stereo..