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Here we go...2007 Ford Focus.

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  • Here we go...2007 Ford Focus.

    Eveniní all. Thought Iíd write down the beginnings of my install in order to keep myself motivated. Did a lot of research and a lot of stupid Ebay purchases. (dam the beer!) These included a secondhand POS (thatís Point Of Sale by the way) motherboard which took an AMD CPU but an Intel Cooler Fan??? After cutting various things and started a trial boot I had a message that the CPU I bought wasnít supported. So I bought another CPU but apparently the motherboard had died. So I bought another motherboard only to find the original come to life! The RAM I bought for the used motherboard didnít fit the new motherboard. Luckily those bad purchases werenít too expensive.

    The enclosure is going in the boot. One hub will be sitting halfway in the centre console and one hub sitting up front for the touchscreen, ODBII and a spare port. Canít wait to get into the fabrication for the screen and then completely installing the system.

    I suppose what Iíve chosen is possibly a little OTT for a car pc but what the hell. I donít think it matters that much so long as I donít have my old SX33 tower strapped in the boot with a 17inch CRT in the passenger footwell. Pictures will be added as and when I take them.

    But for now the specsÖ

    J&W Minix Mini-itx AMD2 motherboard
    AMD Athlonô 64 X2 Dual-Core 5200+ @65W TDP
    Silverstone NT07 super slimline CPU cooler
    M2-ATX 160W PSU
    Western Digital Scorpio Blue SATA 320GB
    Windows 7
    Voom2 enclosure
    8 inch widescreen Lilliput touchscreen
    2 x 4 port USB hubs

    Still to comeÖ
    Slot loading slimline DVD drive.
    And all those other gadgets we all want.

    All shoe horned into a 2007 Ford Focus. This is a trial fit of the enclosure.

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    It all fits perfectly. Lovely clean lines.

    Enough sockets tp plug everything in...and the kitchen sink. That is until I find a USB kitchen sink.

    Front USB and RCA ports.

    Space at the front 'may' be a little tight. Right angle USB adapters should help with that as well as the right angle RCA connectors. That is if I need to use them.

    M2-ATX nestled in comfortably. Voom case built to accept the M2.

    With CPU cooling fan it fits...just. There is lots of space actually, if you're an electron.

    Then it all turns to custard when most of the wiring is attached. And that's not all of it either.

    More bits should be arriving this week and half the car interior is out ready for routing the cables.