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2004 Chevy Impala

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  • 2004 Chevy Impala

    Goal: To build a easy to use media pc for in car use. will be able to play music and display movies (maybe games dunno about that one). It will be set up so that whenever i come home it will automatically sync music and videos with my media center inside. It will have a remote control since my pioneer has me spoiled as well as a touch interface with a physical volume knob. its important to maintain audio quality and usability without giving up anything i currently have.

    i will keep this post updated as i go along with the project
    ill do my best to take plenty o pictures and hopefullly a demonstration video upon completion

    Pre Build
    basic audio system. pioneer deck with usb connect to ipod nano for music

    ill take more pre build picks before the install.

    motherboard of choice

    griffin powermate (gotta have a volume knob...this is a car)

    power supply

    sound card - chose this one because it has 2 volts on the outputs

    line driver...was between this one and an audio control matrix (audio control makes this one so in reality i chose both) but this takes that 2 volt signal and will give me 6-8 for my amps

    Forgot to take pictures of the case materials all know what sheet metal and plexiglass looks like though

    i also chose a 3.5 500GB sata hdd from Western Digital to hold my media
    will get a picture of the monitor when i get the chance.
    wiimote and bluetooth adapter are on the way. also have a simple wifi dongle

    threw everything together on my desk to make sure it worked and to start loading software

    started out with a cardboard mock up to get a feel for size and fitment

    the beginning frame

    case is starting to take some form

    all "braced up" and got my hold cut for my fan...first time with a dremel i say not bad. not ideal but not bad. definitely has given me tips and ideas for case 2.0

    structure together braced and waiting to be sealed together. the top is removable for install and maintenance

    sittin on top of an old compaq drying.



    not there yet but making progress
    CarPc Progress
    Planning 100%
    Assembly & Fabwork 80%
    Installation 95%
    Bugs worked out 45%