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Worklog - Pontiac Grand Am GT

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  • Worklog - Pontiac Grand Am GT

    Car: 2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT

    Parts List:
    Carnetix P2140 (Ordering soon)
    GPS USB (Ordering soon)
    Wiring (Ordering soon)
    7" LCD Touchscreen (Had it already)
    HP Mini 1100 Netbook (Had it already)
    Infinity Class D Amp (Had it already)
    Infinity 12" Subwoofer (Had it already)
    Infinity 6x9s in the rear (Had it already)
    JVC Ipod/USB headunit (Had it already)

    I am currently running a mixed audio system, it is the JVC headunit hooked up to the GMCO unit to keep my factory door chimes. It also allows me to utilize part of the Monsoon system. (I know the monsoon sucks, but I don't want to replace the door speakers yet).
    The 6x9s are currently connected directly to the deck. They will remain this way until I replace the door speakers and get a 4 channel amp.

    The plan is to build the LCD into the dash, which I have begun already. I will construct a box which will sit under the passenger seat. It will contain the Carnetix, automotive relay, and a power distribution block. The netbook and headunit will go into the glovebox. I have chose this route as it will minimize the lengths of cable I will need to run throughout the car, and allow me to remove the netbook quickly if needed.

    The carnetix will power my LCD, the netbook, and possibly a usb hub.
    Main power will feed into the power block, then to the carnetix and my amp in the trunk
    The factory harness will feed the remote wire to the relay, and then to the carnetix which will control the PC through ACPI, will turn on the Amp, and turn on the LCD.

    Do to the PC being in the glovebox, and the headunit also being in the glovebox, audio connection will be easy.
    I can run VGA directly through the side of the glovebox into the double din compartment where the LCD will be.
    The PC has bluetooth, has 3G built in, and Wifi.

    I have already begun fabricating the LCD into the dash. I have taken some pics of the initial work. I will post them soon. Work will be slow, as it is winter, and I don't have a garage. So most work will be done inside until spring, which then I will start the wiring. All fabrication I can do indoors.

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    This is the Dash before modification. This is not my dash, but it is exactly what my dash looks like.

    This is the Dash piece I am modifying with an inlay for the 7" touchscreen.

    I have crafted the inlay out of ridgid ABS plastic. It is thick and the screen will rest against this. It is going to be painted to match the dash piece.

    I am using a panasonic LCD, with touchscreen inlay. In this image there is some cheapie double sided tape on the screen so I can test how the plastic inlay fits.

    Seems to fit pretty good. It looks off, but there is glare from the camera.

    This is how it will roughly look inside the dash.


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      I have opened up the netbook and soldered some leads onto the power button connection points. I then ran a female usb end off of those leads through a metal gromet in the front of the netbook and ziptied the cable on the side of the netbook, finally affixing it using 3M automotive adhesive tape.

      This female usb end will be connected to the Carnetix acpi or power on cable to auto power on the netbook on ignition.


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        Well, while trying to remove my touchscreen from its plastic casing I broke the glass touch panel. The LCD is still intact, and can be used still, unfortunately I had to order a new touchscreen. The now VGA screen without touch I think I am going to install in one of the sun visors.

        I have been working further on the dash piece. I have ditched the plastic inlay, and made a new frame which I have epoxied into the dash piece to hold the LCD. It has the same look as the inlay, but will be much stronger.

        I plan on removing my glovebox from the car soon, so that I may begin fabricating the headunit mount, and netbook tray/mount.

        Breaking the LCD touchpanel layer on the screen is going to push back buying the Carnetix by 2 weeks. This is ok as it will allow me more fabrication time on the dash pieces.


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          I have ordered a new touchscreen. This one I will be sure not to

          In the meantime, I have mounted my headunit into the car's glovebox. I reused the double din enclosure to mount it.

          Inside view

          I have placed it back into the car, and everything hooks up well and works great!

          Now just waiting on my new screen. Then ordering the Carnetix, and all the wiring I will need.
          I am still working on fabricating the front dash piece for the screen. My original idea was too basic and I am kicking it up a notch.


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            Update: Dash Fabrication, New Screen

            I haven't posted anything in awhile regarding the progress of this project. Yet, it continues. I was delayed a bit due to winter weather, having no garage, and saving money to purchase certain components.

            I have completed working on the dash piece. I used a combination of epoxy, plastic welding, and a bit of bondo for shaping to get the final result. I did more than I originally was going to, mainly because I want a finished look, and not something that looks like it was thrown together in an hour.

            Here is the dash fabricated, and painted. I have some WIP pictures I will post once I crop them.

            I got my new touchscreen in, I will be repurposing the now non touchscreen somewhere else in the car.

            Let me know what you think, I believe criticism is important for improvement.