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Vauxhall Vectra install

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  • Vauxhall Vectra install

    The car: Vauxhall Vectra CDTI (150) SXI

    The computer:
    - Dell Optiplex 745 minus the PSU, Optical Drive and PCI-E Graphics Card.
    - M3-ATX
    - 10" Touch Screen, not sure of the brand
    - Sony VGN-UPR1 port replicator.

    The install is fairly straight forward, with the exception of the UPR1 Port Replicator with was a real time saver, only had to run a USB cable to the front which gives me graphics, sound, 4 USB ports and a few others.

    It's all in and working brilliantly for the past 2 weeks.

    What next?:
    - Well for an amp at the moment i'm using the amp module i ripped out of a set of USB power desktop speakers which is ok for now, but there is a lot left to be desired sound wise, and it's quite prone to mobile phone interference... tho not from my phone oddly, so it's ok unless there's someone else in the car. So i have a small formfactor amp on the way. That way i can put it at the front of the car off the UPR1 instead of having to run audio cables through to the boot.

    - The Stock Head Unit, is not needed anymore but for now i've left it in the fill to big gaping hole. I want to ideally get a broken identical head unit from somewhere, rip out the internals, then wire up some of the button as function buttons, wire in the volume control so that it works, and fit an ipod dock to get rid of the screen mounted cradle.

    - Maybe look at integrating the screen a bit more, tho i quite like it at the moment as it looks like an unmarked Police Car, so it deters thieves a bit, It's quite funny the look on some of the boy racers faces when they pull up beside you at the lights and look in to see a vectra with a computer terminal and a guy in a white shirt driving... they tend to pull away at a sensible speed, and slot politely in behind you haha.

    The screen is mounted straight btw, but it's tilted towards the driver so it looks off angle.

    Apologies about the picture quality, and junk in the boot, I've been meaning to post this for the past week, just got round to snapping some quick pics now.

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    an update:

    Now with added carbon fibre vinyl and custom control panel to replace radio.

    I've hacked an old dell mouse to give me a volume knob and two function buttons that will probably used for next/previous

    The toggle switches will be used for valet switch, a kill switch for hard resets, a 'keyless' switch so i can have the pc keep running when i turn the car off to put fuel in etc, a hard off for the gps receiver.. and there are a few spare ones if i want to add stuff later.

    I'm waiting for some metallic vinyl and some clear printer labels to make icons for the switches, then i'll cover the heater controls too.


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      Good job. I was going to suggest removing the stock headunit and installing the screen there but I guess I'm a bit late ...

      Where did you relocate your hazard light switch to?
      2007 Camry Altise In-dash Car PC


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        unfortunately the monitor is too big to fit into the double dinn for the stock headunit.
        I thought of getting a smaller one to fit, but i didn't really like the position really, don't like having to glance down to see the satnav.

        The hazzard switch is in the same place, as are the internal alarm sensor disable switch and the T/C switch.

        I'm just waiting on some aluminium vinyl to make some labels with the icons on for all the switches. Unfortunately the metallic silver sheets i got of ebay turned out to be more a shiny grey when they arrived, so i'm hunting around again.