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  • E81 BMW 1 Series

    Hi Guys.
    I just would like to share with you guys my project.

    I am planning to put a computer into my E81.

    Features that it will provide: (*to do once the base installation is done)
    Garmin Mobile PC Navigation
    Control of Gates and garages.
    Measuring voltage of main battery
    Auto flip up of screen and startup of computer on ignition and switching it off on key remove.

    *Tire pressure monitoring
    *OBDII for monitoring engine
    more that i forgot about it.

    The main screen will be a 7'' touchscreen fitted inside a E87 CID (motorized).

    I am waiting for the CID, just bought it from ebay, when it arrives and i fit it, i will post some photos. mean while, here are some photos of the car.

    Laser detector integrated into system.

    Ok I started my Install.
    Firstly, I stripped my old T60 IBM laptop down to the motherboard.
    Then I built a box where the following goes:
    I/O Board
    Power suply for USB hub
    USB hub

    Here are some photos of the enclosure and testing.
    I will be covering the enclosure with sound carpet material or something of the sort.

    Please post any opinions or ideas

    Just finish "Switch on on ignition"
    Had to make a custom board to trigger the relay of a coil and then release it after 0.5sec (simulating me pressing on button)
    Seller of CID just received payment, CID shipped today. Hopefully will be here soon.

    Just finished running wires from boot where PC will be to next to the driver seat where it goes to center console and also to the dash board.
    Wires are:
    1 x USB cable (from a powered hub)
    2x Audio Cable for AUX and MIC
    1x VGA
    1x Power Cable (12v and Ground)

    Fitted a USB hub for cellphone charging and to plug flash drives/ipods and so on in the center near handbrake

    Some photos.

    As always, comments and sugestions welcome.

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    Interested to see how you get on as I am in the exact same boat at the moment with my fiancee's new E87 that has no bluetooth or satnav.

    Would you mind me asking what you got your BMW CID for ?? I'm looking at spending about 300 euro as it seems to be the going rate....... just a shame you have to pay for a nice BMW screen and then throw it away and replace it....... wish you could just buy the frame and motorised parts needed......

    Looking forward to seeing how you go........ I guess you won't have to cut your dash since you already have the storage pocket ? I've got to take the daunting step of cutting the new dash to make the CID fit !!! Bit nervous about that..........