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06 Chrysler 300c CarPC + Audio Upgrade

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  • 06 Chrysler 300c CarPC + Audio Upgrade

    Hey All,

    Just thought I would get around to putting my work log into place.
    Here is a list of what the CarPC consists of:

    M350 case - very small case, will be mounted in my trunk.

    Zotac Ionitx F-E motherboard - Atom dual core. Low energy usage and plenty of power.

    Dynamix 910 9" screen - I will have to do a little bit of cutting to make it fit but the screen will look great proportionally to the surrounding vents and controls. Powered from the pc's power supply. Turns on automatically.

    M3-ATX Power Supply - Real simple and tiny automotive power supply.

    Andrea Superbeam USB Mic - For hands free bluetooth. Still working on it.

    SIRF USB GPS antenna

    I am running Centrafuse for the main software. It is the most developed among other popular CarPC programs so it was the easiest to use. I really get the feeling I am using a device bought at stores rather than using a pc. This was my main goal.

    My car audio project is still in the works as well although I have most of it hooked up.

    My audio upgrade parts consist of:

    Tang Band W3-1364SA - This 3' driver takes car of the tweeter and mid range duty. Very great sounding. Cheap too.

    One note on the Tang Bands, I plan to have them fiber glassed into the pillar they are leaning against in the picture. Make it look stock.

    Here is a link to a review

    SB Acoustics 6.5 mids - I am still working on properly treating the doors...I believe I need to do some more work as far as insulating goes...Mids are lacking a bit. They were also intended for use with DIY speaker building...I may end up going another route.

    Image Dynamics 12" sub - Great sub. I am shocked at how well it sounds for the money paid.

    Cadence FXA 5100 - 5 channel amp. I run an active crossover setup between the tweets and mids. Sounds great.

    I've also used Damplifier Pro to sound deaden the car. Just the rear deck, trunk and front two doors so far. Stuff is great! A little expensive though...

    As a last minute addition to the bezel modification I decided to have my friend, who is making the bezel adjustments, add a little clock upgrade...hehe

    Here are some teaser pics!

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    still waiting for any updates my friend


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      Ask and you shall receive

      I have my tangband's properly put into the side pillars:

      And as you can see the bezel is ready. Just having some problem fitting tightly.

      I've also got the escalade clock in, just doing some fine tuning there as well. The cable are a bit short that power it and need to be extended.

      And I now have an asus xonar dx. After adding it, sound quality improved a bunch but the audio was skipping due to higher cpu usage. I am completing another carpc build with an core i3. I just threw it in the car today and things are great.

      I will update with more whenever I make progress.


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        Looks great! The clock looks like it belongs there. Any chance of lighting the clock up the same as the guages? You've done a great job with the skin making it match the guages, it would be great if the clock could match as well.
        My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE


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          Ya the skin is great, it's called Aqua for Centrafuse and the author does a good job.

          My only problem is that I am not too fond of the green lights in my car. I wanted to change them to other colors, but that is going to be quite a project. So to answer your question, yes I could get green bulbs for the new clock. I went with white because I was planning on changing them all, but that may be way down the road... I just may have to get green bulbs and live with it.


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            The easiest way to change the Gage color (if one is available that you like) is to get an overlay for the gages. The good ones aren't cheap but they sure do a good job of changing the look if you can find one that you like.
            My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE