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2006 Scion XB - Micah

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  • 2006 Scion XB - Micah

    Ever since i saw my first xB I've wanted one, but always had SOME reason not to give myself the present. Well about a year ago I decided it was time!

    So I searched around and found a dealer that had a few in stock including one that was about as stock as it gets. Which was exactly what I wanted. I want to do as many of the installs as I can handle myself.. though some are a bit over my head for having a lack of Garage. (The alarm/remote start for instance.)

    Facebook Album of the First few pics Sue me, I only had my phone at the time.

    V0.1 - Not a carputer by any means
    A zune + A soundgate
    And whatever phone i had for navigation.

    it was really nice using my controls for the zune, but music was far from my only plan for what was available in the car. Also the soundgate while nice, still required me to have my zune visible to figure out what I was doing. It also defaulted the zune to "medium" volume, which had me cranking my stereo around 50 to get the full effect of my entire old cd library ripped to mp3.

    Then i threw in a viper HD system for the remote start and billion little functions.

    V0.5 - Time to get serios
    1. MP3 playback
    2. File sync to homeserver
    3. GPS
    4. OBD2 codes (at the very least)
    5. Hands free
    6. Backup Camera
    7. HD radio - updated 05/12/2010
    1. Mobo - Zotac IONITX-D-E Atom N330
    2. Memory - 2 x 2gb
    3. PSU - M2-ATX 160W Intelligent DC-DC PSU
    4. Monitor - Lilliput Mo-co-so double din kit
    5. GPS reciever - GlobalSat BU-353
    6. Gps software - Leaning towards GMPC but nothing purchased yet
    7. OS - Currently windows 7 Ult (mulling the idea of starter)
    8. Bluetooth - Belkin generic adapter
    9. Case - I started with a VoomPC but moved to a mo-co-so blackbox (more room to play with)

    I'm still really up in the air on my front end. Riderunner is on one end, and Openmobile on the other. Somewhere in the middle is something like centrafuse just so i can get something working quickly without too much "dev time" then do the developing later.

    Will add more later but figured it was time to keep myself honest and moving forward.

    05/12/2010 - power supply tests
    So i have an m2-atx.. and of course im testing the machine out of the car (I at least want radio before I put it in the car...) so i ran across some powering issues with the atx supply i've been using. it APPEARS it's only delivering 9.4 - 9.6 volts under load, which is making the m2 decide that my battery is dead i guess... bleh
    Link to that thread

    11/27/10 - been a while since I've updated, mostly because life as always gets in the way. as well as of course the usual road bumps.
    #1 i hit my first set of bluescreens with windows 7.. and started realizing I didn't really want to rely on windows for my base OS. So i have switched to the real uphill battle that is linux. Perhaps not the best route to go considering the state of linux in some areas (Navigation and Radio support.. maybe just the boomzbox support) but I'm currently on kubuntu and trying to get OM working. we shall see.
    I'll do the bumbling, and i'll be the idiot.
    if you've got a "stupid" question, search for some of mine!

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    Just reserving space
    I'll do the bumbling, and i'll be the idiot.
    if you've got a "stupid" question, search for some of mine!


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      Researching hands free options and ran across an echo canceling/noise filtering solution.
      I've contacted the company directly to see what they charge for the daughterboard alone. (much smaller and possibly purpose built)
      Mt102 looks like it's basically the same thing, but you can attach a mic directly + perhaps direct the phone audio over the PC speaker channel to setup some sort of "built in" mute all effect?

      Dunno, just an idea thus far.
      I'll do the bumbling, and i'll be the idiot.
      if you've got a "stupid" question, search for some of mine!