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HONDA TORNEO 1998 - Carputer Install

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  • HONDA TORNEO 1998 - Carputer Install

    I am installing a mini ITX board into the double DIN space left from the Honda Navi System.

    I have hit a snag, as I intended to use the M1-ATX to power the board. The board only has a red and black wire in - not the typical motherboard power inputs! How can I power the mobo with the m1-atx now? Or, can't I...?

    Help appreciated..


    Zotac IONITX A-U Atom Dual-Core 1.6 GHz MCP7A-ION
    WD 500GB SATA 2.5" (storage)
    SG 60gb SATA 2.5" (system)
    4gb Patriot RAM

    M1-ATX (MAY BE!)


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    regarding the board's power i have the same one.

    In my install i will use one of those 12V to 19V bricks that you would use for a laptop.

    They normaly have a selector switch for about 5 different voltages.

    The one I'm gong to get is like this one (link for danish webshop):
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      I have the brick

      It converts AC power to DC 19v.

      I need the board to start up and shut down as per the m1-atx control. There is the regular mobo loom there. Is there any way to turn that output power into the same power the board takes, or am i just looking in the wrong place for a solution..


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        I think I have it, can anyone confirm if this will work..

        i will connect the mobo to an independant power supply, and also connect the m1-atx to a power supply. I won't use the power outputs of the m1-atx but i will use the switch capabilities.

        I've read the computer will drain battery power constantly even if off. Must I submit to the need of a physical switch to turn the computer on and off..


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          Originally posted by momo21 View Post
          It converts AC power to DC 19v.
          not the brick i linked to... it converts 12 V DC to 19 V DC

          there are a few options to power on with ignition, one is to use a relay and a capicitor and resistor to generate a sec push on the power button

          to power off in the same way i have yet to figure that out.. going to use that for myself
          Blessed are the "cracked" for it is they who let in the light.


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            Bit the bullet

            I returned the board and got a refund minus a restocking fee. Then I went to another shop and bought the exact same board with the correct power supply. Cost me NZ$60 for my stupidity.

            I've ordered a new 7" touch panel for the lilliput monitor I have as my dad dropped it into the cavity and there are two inward facing screws inside there. Made the screen pretty much unusable.

            Had the amp, speakers and sub professionally installed yesterday. So many questions about what head unit I was planning to use! Geez they think they know everything don't they? All I needed was for them to run the RCAs to the empty headunit slot.

            This weekend I plan to get all the software sorted. I have loaded up windows 7 onto the HD and it runs alright - except My Movies isn't that fast..

            Any suggestions on a program which can run DVDs from folders, and looks pretty, like My Movies? I have considered downgrading to Windows XP Media Centre because I remember that it did it just fine, but it won't look as flash as it does now.


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              I am about 90% towards installing it into the dash. Just sorting the software..

              Will install google earth (bought a USB GPS receiver) but havn't decided on a navigation solution yet.

              Also will install a USB DVB-T tuner - have it working perfectly at home, getting 17 free to air channels including radio, however I am tossing up on an antenna. Was looking at getting a powered flat antenna. Anyone have any experience with these? Will it work in an around-town situation?


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                It's all installed and working now finally. Video here!