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  • 1995 GMC Jimmy

    '95 Jimmy

    Well, now that I am finished with classes for the summer, I decided it was time to start working on my system.

    I still have a lot to purchase, but here is what I'm planning on installing.

    Main System:
    Apple Mac Mini
    Intel Atom D510 Intel NM10 Mini ITX Motherboard
    M2-ATX-HV 140w
    (Possibly) Kill switch for main power input

    USB Peripherals:
    Sharp 8" TS
    USGlobalSat BU-353

    OS X

    Audio Equipment:
    12" Visonik Subwoofer x 2
    Alpine MRP-M1000

    Hardware Status:

    Software Status:

    Fabrication Status:
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    Alright. So here is the center console I've been working on for the last few days. This is the first time I've ever done any fabrication so bear with me. I'm moving my head unit done to the center console and placing a lcd where the radio use to be.

    I found this photo online to show you guys what it originally looked like. Not the same color as mine by the way.

    Here is something I put together while I was waiting for stuff to dry. It's an iPhone/iPod holder. It fits directly into the center console. It was previously a cassette holder, which was just wasting space. A cable feeds in through the bottom and while eventually connect to my pc

    The pieces still need to be painted. In the photos I have only applied the texture coating. The color I need is being ordered for me.

    I'll try to add some more pics later on. I had to take these with my half-working phone.

    Additional Pictures Added - 5/23/2010

    As promised. Sorry bout the quality to though.

    Here are some pictures of me doing a last minute check fit. As I said eariler, the pieces still need to be painted.

    Below is a picture of the cup holder and iPod holder in place. I put my iPod in there to show you guys what it will look like essentially when finished.
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      Small update

      I decided to scratch the idea of using a mac in my car. Mainly because I have never been of fan of them and rarely use them. I've decided to use an atom based board. At school we only use *nix boxes so it would make sense. Plus it will make any programming I need to do a lot easier

      I've taken an interest in Meego lately. From what I've read there should be a release soon. I downloaded the preview ivi image but there is not much to it. The UX is not included in the image so it just boots to xfce.

      Paint should be in soon.

      Update - 5/23/2010
      Just found a Sharp 8" touchscreen online. Best part is that it only cost me 25 bucks!! Hopefully it works 100%. Project is on standby til paint and screen come in.
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        I went to go pick up my paint today,but found out that it's on back order. So it looks like painting is going to be postponed again. The guy said he would make some calls and try to get some with in the next couple of days.

        Update - 5/26/2010

        Started fabricating a case for my pc. I plan on placing the pc in the center console, under the arm rest. There should be plenty of room.

        Also, my lcd came in the mail today. I've been trying to figure it out been havent had much luck. I can't find any info on the controller i received so I'm having a hard time figuring out how to wire it up.
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          Well, I've been jumping around a lot on this project. Mainly because I'm just picking stuff up as I go.

          I'm working on replacing my tweeters right now. Here is a picture of the stock tweeters. (rated at 4 ohms)

          And here are the speakers I've wired up to replace them. (wired up at 4 ohms) The smaller speaker is actually larger than the original stock tweeters

          The pc case is pretty much done. Its going to be able open style case so that the components can be viewed through a plexiglass window.

          Lastly, the guy at the paint store called and let me know that my paint is in. So I'll be picking that up tomorrow and finally finish the center console piece
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