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Genesis Coupe 2.0T Track (1st one maybe?)

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  • Genesis Coupe 2.0T Track (1st one maybe?)

    Well I thought I gave this up when I sold my SRT-4, welllll as you can see I have changed my mind. I will be starting over since I sold most of my other equipment. So here goes:

    1: decided to try something different and go with a Fit-PC2 because it has 1.6ghz atom, 1gb ram and uses< 7 watts playing 1080P video. The power supply that came with it is only 1.5 amps at 12v
    A: problem 1 no VGA,
    solution 1
    Solution 2 (not available yet)

    2: Power I think I am going to try this since the requirments are almost nothing for the PC.

    3: no radio since I plan on using the stock because of the controls and lack of a way to remove the dash at this point

    4: will be relocating (for now) the stock radio display and using one of the following bezels.
    Type A
    Type B (I want this but I am having a hard time finding it state side)

    4: Fusion brain 4 (have left over from old car)

    5: CTF400-S - VGA 7" TFT - Touchscreen USB - Video - Autodimmer - Audio -TRANSFLECTIVE (again Left over from old car)

    Well I think thats it for now, What do you think?

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    I think that would be a cool setup. It looks like it would be a real easy install aswell.


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      It does look easy and I hope it is, my last one wasnt so easy. I had to do a lot of fabrication work, which looked ok but was not OEM quality by any stretch of the imagination. This should look alot more OEM I think.


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        Well got the FitPC2 and installed Win7 but it was little to slow for me so I installed XP. XP runs perfectly fine for me. I have a question for you more electrically inclined, the specs say Power is 8-15V tolerant. Does that sound like I could get away with maybe a diod to limit it to less then 15V and use this instead of the DCDC-USB? or should I just spend the extra money (not much) on the DCDC-USB? I like the shut-down-controller because of its size and ease of use.


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          I'd like to pick up a 2011 GC and Im interested in knowing how to relocate a CarPC in it. Just wondering if maybe you could comment on the install and any problems there might be with the GC?

          With double din kits such as these:

          does it merely relocate the radio but makes room for 7inch screen such that you can use the aux input for carpc and keep the stock amp + speakers? Or does it completely remove the radio and only leaves the climate control? If so, does this affect the LCD display screen since it's integrated with both the climate control and radio?

          With the bezel you posted above, Im assuming the old LCD screen gets relocated to where the +12V plug is, so is there a good location to relocate the 12V plug?


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            Forgot to come here post that the project is over for good. Car blew an engine and and got traded real quick for a 335i .