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EEE PC Powering XBMC in Range Rover with 9" Headrest and 7" Dash Monitor

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  • EEE PC Powering XBMC in Range Rover with 9" Headrest and 7" Dash Monitor

    Hey Guys,

    I finally have the opportunity to build a computer for my car!! This is something I have wanted to do for years but it has never come together before. I recently purchased a 2004 Range Rover and I will be using it for a lot of long commutes, drives to the beach this summer, general road trips, etc... The car is so big that the back seats really do have enough space to use a computer to check email, update Excel files, and watch movies. I've put together a decent setup so far (well I think so) and I would really like some feedback/advice on it...

    And here it is:

    1) Vizualogic 7" or 9" Headrest Monitors (price dependent)
    * Worth getting touch screen monitors?
    * Any reviews of these monitors?
    2) EEE PC Laptop - is that powerful enough?
    * 500gb internal harddrive
    * Running XBMC for movie and TV show playback
    * Running Windows XP SP3 for performance reasons - W7 will bog down the EEE PC I think... True?
    3) 2 Pairs of Over The Ear headphones - again price dependent - recommendations?
    4) Logitech DiNovo Edge keyboard/mouse combo for an input device
    5) Some sort of remote for XBMC use - recommendations?
    6) A GPS receiver - recommendations?
    7) Verizon Mifi 2200 for high(ish) speed internet everywhere
    8) FloTV if it is worth it?

    That is my basic list of the setup and features I have thought of thus far. I think I am ging to put in a Kinetic battery in the trunk so I don't drain the main battery too much, but then again the OEM battery is HUGE.

    I need some sort of device that automatically puts the computer to sleep 10 minutes after the car is shut off, I doubt this is too difficult and I remember reading about devices that did this years ago but again my knowledge is fairly outdated in this regard.

    Lastly, I need a power inverter to power all of these goodies

    As for the software platform, I am going to run Windows XP SP3 rather than Windows 7. This will be running XBMC for the media playback as I really love the layout and it is simple to use.

    I know this is a TON of fairly sporadic information, but do you think I am off to a decent start? I would greatly appreciate any and all advice, ideas, information, guides, DIY's, really anything to help me learn more about this. I'm looking forward to getting this planned out and putting together a great DIY for other people in my position later on.

    Thanks Again,