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1992 Civic DX - Project Sylvia

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  • 1992 Civic DX - Project Sylvia

    With this project I know that it will, in implementation & application, be worth while and keep the driver of the implemented car safe and knowledgeable to what is going on around him/her either with auditory or visual cues

    Required Hardware:
    1x Car ('92 Honda Civic DX "Sylvia") [Duh... Purchased]
    1x Car PC (Voom PC2) [Already purchased]
    1x Xenarc MDT-X7000 [Already purchased & Regretting it]
    ???x Quick Release Power cable, USB Cables, A/V Cables, generic electrical wiring & electrical tape
    1x Quick Remove PC Mounting Bracket [Needs to be Fabricated]
    4x Aerodynamic Camera Roof Mounts [Needs to be Fabricated]
    1x Fusion Brain Version 4.0
    2x Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
    4x COM-105
    1x GlobalSat BU 353
    1x MyFi Modem
    1x Belkin Wireless USB Adapter [Purchased]
    1x 500GB Verbatim Drive [Purchased]
    1x 3M Micro Projector (for later displaying of primary information on windshield)

    Software Necessary:
    Google Earth
    Custom Programming to link all software related to either media portal, ride runner, or both. Hopefully both.

    Target Features:

    1) To Take pictures of any road trip done by me at intervals of every 1 ~ 3 seconds, with a snapshot of GPS location (Long & Latt)
    2) Calculating speed, direction, and time of trip, as well as giving a slideshow of pictures to go along with the track of the path.
    3) each 30 sec section of the trip will also output speed, and give a simulated 360 degree view of what was around my car at the time.
    4) Distance sensors (sonar), to determine if I need to slow down, or speed up (if I am getting too close to the car behind me, as well as allow me to tell the speed of the cars infront and behind me compared to my own speed, to either match (for coasting & drafting abilities), or to change (in case I am speeding and not noticing this.)
    5) Output my location to my friends and family so they will never call me while I am driving to ask, "Where are you? What are you doing?"
    6) To create a system that if my car gets stolen, I will already have its location tracked right on my screen of my PC/Phone, for finding purposes.
    7) So I dont lose my car in very large, dark parking lots, (like at work.)
    8) Allow me to communicate, (through a central server) to other cars with this same system and setup, allowing me to see (virtually) through their eyes, inform of updates, and inform of stop overs without having to pick up my phone, dial a number and wait for them to answer (if my friends may at all while driving.)
    9) Defeat Speeding, Tailgating, swerving, road raging tickets, easily with data logged and not controllable at the time of capture.
    10) Finally something that will give the wow factor initially and then continuously give the purpose factor for friends and family.

    More things may surface later, but these are just the basics, yes, a lot of this will actually be available in the 2012 vehicles, but hey, isnt this forum all about retrofitting cars with PC's when they werent ment to have one in the first place?

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    i like the part where you get a signal if someone is to close behind you .. i wish every car here had that, so pushing them would really make a difference

    do you really want everyone to know where you are, what you are doing, at every time? I guess you don't have a girlfriend then .. You'd know better.. and by the way, do you think your mom (for example) would turn on the computer, log in to some kind of website, to check if you don't happen to be driving around? I guess just taking her cellphone is very much quicker .. Maybe you'd better insert some bluetooth handsfree-thing

    besides my comments... it DOES have the cool-factor ! I'm curious!