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'06 Mini Cooper S Computer Install

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  • '06 Mini Cooper S Computer Install

    My project is finally to the stage where I can post up a few pictures. I'm running:
    HP Mini 210
    Lilliput 7"
    7 port Hub
    Soundblaster audio

    Windows 7 professional

    Soon to come
    wap54g with dd-wrt

    Just starting to gut the interior

    Screen Mounted in dash

    Switches modified to fit new position in dash

    Crossover for one of the Diamonds

    Boot cleaned, gutted, and ready for PC

    dynamat under rear seat

    Flip up access to the battery and wiring

    Computer Installed in place

    Sub floor in place looks just like stock

    Fan diagram

    First Fan controller mockup

    Finished fan controller

    Console getting first coat of texture

    Custom CAI with stainless steel box, and aluminum adapters

    CAI installed

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    nice work


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      Any updates?


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        Well I have been using it as is and taking notes about what I want to change. I put some DPDT switches under the drivers seat to control what devices get constant battery power and what ones are switched with the key. Most things stay switched with the key but if I want to have everything on while the car is off I can or if I'd like to leave it all up while I remote into it from my home computer I can do that also.

        The problem with the switches is that once and a while I bump one of the switches changing it's position. It most likely happens when entering or exiting the car so I can avoid it by being more careful but want it to be idiot proof so I'm changing my switch box a bit. I'll grab pictures of it.

        Next I'm changing pcs. I'm going to pull the HP Mini because it's too nice to cut up. I've got an old dell laptop that I'm going to completely tear apart. With out all the plastic I can get better air flow and have room for larger heat sinks. I'll extend the wires to the power switch up to the front of the car. I'll remove the lid switch. While I'm in there I will probably extend the wires to the keyboard and put it in the glove box or somewhere up there.

        I'm trying to come up with a good place to put the original screen off the laptop in case I need it. Right now I'm leaning toward making it flip down from the head liner. I like seeing new ideas and adding things to it so I think it will never be completely finished.