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2007 Ford F350 Crew Cab Build

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  • 2007 Ford F350 Crew Cab Build

    This build will include a full featured Car PC, running CF 3.1 w/nav and a moderate audio system with some interior modifications.

    The Vehicle:

    Most of the Hardware:

    The Computer Hardware list

    HP 6710b laptop with bluetooth
    HiPower B090A3 12V power adapter
    Lilliput 889GL 8" Widescreen touch
    Carnetix P1900 Power Supply + two 5v 15w DC-DC reg (one internal, one external)
    Nextech 4 port Power Hubs (2 of these)
    MP3car 4 port Non Powered Hub ( ability to be powered but no adapter included)
    OBDLink OBD reader
    MJ Gadget Sirius Tuner Adapter
    Sirius SC-C1 Sat Tuner Replaced on 9-12-11 with the home tuner version SC_H1
    BU-353 GPS Antenna
    MP3car Backup Camera
    Sound Blaster X-FI USB sound card
    Icarus ECBM-T2 Toslink Optical Cable
    Griffin Powermate Volume Control
    Andrea Array 2S Microphone w/ sound card

    The Audio hardware List:

    Infinity 7541a 4 channel amplifier
    Infinity 611a Mono Block Amplifier
    Alpine PXA-H700 Sound Processor with RUX-C701 Controller
    Infinity 6.5" Component Speakers up front
    Infinity 6.5" 2 way Speakers in the Rear
    RD Sonance 12" Dual 4ohn VC Subwoofer
    Alpine SBS-0715 Centre Channel Speaker w/ it's own amplifier I am still undecided on whether to add the centre channel, the phanton mode works well on the processor
    DEI 528T Pulse Timer Relay (delay start for the amps) Was not required, there is zero startup thump in this sytem
    Stinger 1 Farad Cap (I still have not decided whether to include this in the build) I have decided against using this. There is no conclusive results showing a Cap will improve anything

    The Plan:

    Carnetix 1900 ----> Lilliput Monitor and auto Adapter / HP Laptop
    HP Laptop -----> X-fi sound card -----> optically connected to Alpine PXA-H700/ RUX-701 ------> 7541a 4ch to 4 infinity speakers/ passthrough signal to Alpine Centre channel and 611a Mono amp to RD Sub.
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    Project segments:

    1) Install Monitor in Dash Bezel

    2) Power complete sytem

    3) Install system temporarily to Test

    4) Complete new Centre console to house most of the carputer including hubs, Carnetix Supply and Subwoofer plus a multitude of other items not related to the carputer.

    5) Build a behind-rear-seat amp rack for 2 Infinity amps & Alpine Processor Large amps will be mounted to the side of the console, small amps will be hidden

    6) Install centre channel amp and speaker in dash. Undecided if this will get installed

    7) Modify 4 main speaker locations.
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      I selected a monitor that would fit the best in the dbl DIN opening. I made paper cutouts based on published dimensions before ordering and selected the Lilliput 889GL 8" widescreen based on best fit.
      It paid off, the monitor fit with very little modification.

      I also found a complete spare Bezel from Craigslist. Having the spare bezel took alot of the stress out of cutting it up.

      Here is the dash Bezel in stock form:

      The back side:

      The top had to be trimmed by about 1/2". The rest fit perfect.

      The monitor was installed using small plastic clips mounted to a screw for the A/C vents on each side at the bottom and a piece of electrical cord casing was stretched across the top and secured under one of the vent screws on each side as well.

      Here it is installed and bench tested:

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        Have you considered hiding the lilliput buttons behind the dash panel (or strip the monitor completely)?
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          Yes, the install would be cleaner with the buttons hidden however here was my thought process:

          - The 8" was fit with minor mods to dash by removing a bit of material and looks decent (IMO)

          - I would have to fill in part of the opening and fab a location for the buttons, major rework.

          - I decided to get everything up and running with it looking decent then tweak from there when I become more proficient with Fibreglass.

          - I may decide to go with a 10" monitor after its up and running so that will require major rework anyways. (relocate HVAC, vents etc) It is nice to have a spare bezel though to work with when the time comes!

          Thank you for questioning my choices, thats what I am looking for from this worklog, thats how the build can get better because sometimes we get tunnel vision on our projects!!
          My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE


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            Cool, makes sense to me. Keep us posted! 10" would be great!
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            Skin: MetroSex on the Beach preview

            07 Infiniti Fx35 (done!) & 06 Infiniti M35 (gone...)


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              Project segment 2 (Power complete system) is now complete on the PC side. Still have the vehicle side to do.

              Notes on things that didn't work out:

              I had ordered a 12v auto adapter from that was suppose to work with my HP but it did not. That was $70 so I guess I willl have to discuss this with them.
              It says right on their web site "100% Compatible - Meets or Exceeds Manufacturer's Specifications"

              Here is the link to the adapter;


              As you can see below, the third ID wire required by HP is missing.

              So I ended up using my 110v adapter which worked perfect. I powered it on the output side from the Carnetix 1900.
              Notice the third wire required for HP.

              OK, now onto what went well.

              First I tore the laptop down to wire the modem jack up to connect to the ACPI line from the Carnetix for on-off control.
              While I was at it, I removed the complete screen as it was pooched and removed the speakers as they were easy to remove and taking up a lot of space that could be for more air flow.

              I then cut the wires going to the modem jack and extended them over to the power switch and soldered them on. Note the Yellow and green wires which I added.

              The only loose end there is figuring out what to do with the WIFI antenna that used to be looped around the screen.

              I then put it all back together and moved on to wiring up the power supply.
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                Powering everything went well. I bought the Carnetix 1900 from Carl on this forum known here as "Upspace". He sold it to me for a more than fair price and was kind enough to mail it to me from Switzerland. He moved on to an Archos 5 and I hope that it is working out well for him!

                I did not expect to find a CNX-P5V 15 Watt +5V Regulator inside it. I had already ordered one with my order of other stuff so I ended up with two. Hey why not, I have 3 hubs and a dozen USB devices so more is better, right?

                I managed to mount both CNX-P5V's inside the 1900. Space was tight but there was one position for it that worked. It's mounted to the top up beside the fan. See below:

                I decided to mount everything to a piece of plexiglass making it easier to put in the truck temporarily until the console is built and maybe it will even mount inside the console if space permits.

                So here is everything wired up and ready for the vehicle:

                Notice the current draw. I have not seen it exceed 2.5A other that boot when the internal DVD spins for a moment and it will spike just over 3A.
                This is without a lot of USB devices attached though.

                Here is a close up of just the power board:

                That's it for now. The next update will be integration with the vehicle.

                Comments, questions are encouraged. I take criticism well and will use it to make my install better. Cheers!!
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                  Yesterday was a FULL day. While you guys south of the border were waving flags and maybe tipping something to keep you cool, I was in the garage slaving over a hot truck. OK, so I had the A/C vented out to the garage so it was only 75 in there, maybe a warm truck. But I do have to say the addition of the PC has made it hotter...

                  Here is my workspace complete with PC, stereo, bench computer with SAT radio thanks to an extra Mitch gadget.

                  I started with a slight dash mod followed up with a Little installation of wiring, then peripherals then more wiring then sound processor, then PC then very basic testing.

                  The dash mod was required to give a little extra clearance for the 8" wide screen

                  I ran a 10ga ground to the dash frame shown on the left side of the radio opening. Also you can see the notches created for the monitor to fit.

                  I then ran a new 10ga power wire from the battery into the passenger compartment. This will feed a 6 fuse mini panel for various items being added including the computer.
                  The next 3 pics show how I solder on the fuse holder to 10ga wire. It can be tricky to get a good solder joint and its important to seal it with heat shrink from the elements.

                  The Sirius tuner was already in place, I replaced the translator box from the Alpine head unit with the Mitch Gadget interface and wired it accordingly.

                  I then installed the Mic over the visor and relocated the parrot Mic over the door. I am not prepared to remove the Parrot just yet. My confidence for the BT functioning correctly in CF is not there yet.
                  The Mic plug reached down under the dash but not to the centre seat where the PC will be located so I will have to add an extension to it.

                  I was very please with the clean install of the GPS antenna, This is the same location as I had the Alpine antenna and it worked perfect there without being outside the vehicle. i have not taken the truck out of the garage yet to test but I'm sure it will be fine.

                  The Sirius Antenna was already installed for the Alpine so no additional effort was required"

                  I guess I will split this update into 2 posts. Stay tuned for part deux.
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                    OK, Part deux.

                    I installed the old controller that came with the used PXA-700 "redneck style" to the bottom of the CB. I bought a new one that displays in blue because it was almost as cheap as buying the extension cable and Mic that did not come with the used processor. I will save it for the final install.

                    I then "installed" (read: set on floor) the processor under the back seat and replaced the 16' RCA cables with 3' to the amps behind the back seat. I ran an optical cable to the front to connect to the X-fi sound card.
                    The processor will be getting installed in the amp rack when I get to that.

                    Here are the amps installed (read{: sitting behind the back seat)

                    The bench mess is really getting bad by this point

                    [IMG]<a target="_blank" href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>[/IMG]

                    OK Here are the power wires ready to go to the computer PC, these also feed the Sirius translator, the monitor and the sound processor. Note the 6 fuse mini panel that will be installed in the new console to supply everything.

                    Here is the rats nest at its worst:

                    Here it is "sorted out" as best as possible. It's getting slid under the middle seat so perfection isn't going to happen at this point!

                    Here the power supply has been slid under the seat and the PC is in place as best as possible. All I can say is this should keep me motivated to get the console and amp rack built.

                    Here is the back seat all put back in place. The sub box sounds amazing and it will fit between the front seats but I expect that it will have to be down sized in order to get everything else to fit. It's about 1.6 ft so I can spare a little if I need to.

                    Here it is up and running, I have to say it sounds better than the Alpine system I had before even without being tuned. It could be the addition of the processor but I suspect going optical instead of 16' x 3 audio cables has a lot to do with it.

                    Beth Hart Live at the Paradisio in Amsterdam, you gotta love it.

                    So I may have some minor updates over the next little while but the next major phase is getting the amp rack and console fabricated, and installing over 100ft2 of B-Quite.

                    Once that is completed I will fully log here the final wiring install and testing.
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                      Ok, so just a quick update. Last night I repositioned the OBD port to point towards the front of the vehicle instead of down towards the floor. There was already an "L" bracket on it with holes on both edges so it was literally <5mins. I unscrewed 2 screws, repositioned it and put the screws back in. This means the OBDLink connector will not be hanging down in the footwell. Now I just have to figure out how to keep the OBDlink from staying powered when the vehicle is off.



                      Also I started investgating why the centre channel will not work. I have narrowed it down that there is no output from the sound processor to the amp for the centre channel.
                      The next step will be to see if the X-fi is outputing this signal to the processor.
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                        Cool, thanks for the pics. If you don't have enough room behind the dash, maybe instead of the fiberglass you could use the under seat console floor instead and screew everything in there? You can build wall to mount things sideways too, to save some room. I suppose you can run a lot of those wires under the carpet too, of under/closer to the door seals? It's important to try soon to trouble shoot sound interference and the needed cable lengths too.

                        Good job with the pictures, makes it easy to visualize everything. Good luck returning the power supply.

                        PS. Don't forget to warn the service guys about the repositioned OBD plug, that's the first thing they'll look for. Might save some extra time of service if you unplugg everything they're going to use. Just a thought.

                        Keep us posted, thanks!
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                          Thanks for the feedback,

                          I will need to remove the middle seat soon and set the sub box up there and see what I am dealing with for space. I like the idea of having most of the stuff in the console because it will go right up to the dash so wire transfer from the dash to the components will be hidden plus both seats are power so space is pretty limited under there.
                          Good point about mounting things sideways, that might be a good option for the plexiglass power supply/USB panel.
                          As far as wiring interference, I probably should get everything close to it's final resting place first but so far it does appear that I may be getting some noise from plugging in the Mitch Gadget Sirius translator but I'm not sure yet.

                          Their response on the power supply was "we build the ID into the connector tip". I sent them back a lengthly response but have heard nothing back. I have cut it up so I don't have much of a leg to stand on. Oh well. I order & received another 110v supply yesterday (they have become really cheap) so I can work with the laptop out of the truck again.

                          On the OBD connector, my own dealer won't care but if I am travelling and have an issue, I think I would move it back before taking the truck in since it's only 2 screws anyways.
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                            Lookin' good! I'm not familiar with the dash of the f350 but i assume it's BIG! - surely there's somewhere else you could put the head unit; it detracts from an otherwise clean install (IMO).
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                              Thanks for the feedback treetop777. Your right, the Alpine controller is a poor installation. I thought I mentioned with that pic that it was a temp location, but I didn't. It is getting installed in the new console once it is built. This is only a temp install for testing.

                              So I ordered 3 USB pass through ports for dash/ console mounting. These are a Neutrik piece and very well built. The black housing is actually metal. I was expecting plastic. These are reversible as well for both types of USB. They are 4.95 Cdn a piece which I thought was reasonable given the price of most of the stuff for our hobby and they shipped from Toronto which makes shipping reasonable for us Canucks.

                              I drove my first 600 or so km. with the carputer installed. Everything operated pretty much as expected except for shutdown, I think I need to modify a setting in CF because it was hanging on shutdown. I have very little ground loop noise even given the horrific temp install of the amps & processor.

                              I would have to say my biggest disappointment so far is the readability of the screen in sunlight. If anyone has any knowledge on colours/ hues that react better in sunlight than others, this would be great info to have and my skin selection would be biased heavily towards choosing those colours even if it wasn't my favorite design.
                              I hope Fluxmedia pays attention to this issue when they release CF 3.2 and maximize the ability of these screens with their standard skin.
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