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2004 subaru ts wagon budget project w/ removable usb mimo monitor (+pics)

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  • 2004 subaru ts wagon budget project w/ removable usb mimo monitor (+pics)

    Hey all, I know I have a long ways to go with project and it will probably change very much (may even venture into the ipad) but I have finally made some descent headway and some key alterations. I purchased a mimo 720-s from the store, which by the way, sells it for the best price u can by new. Actually, ebay had some new ones for no reserve but i always forgot about the items b4 bidding. I'm using an old fujitsu tablet that I got for free. Btw, it might be that the comp is old and lacking in speed and power or the nature of the mimo monitor, but it has a tendency to skip once in a while but it runs flawlessly on my mac, just sayin.


    Be completely removable and easy to disconnect
    Be Cheap
    Look as clean as possible without modifying dash too much.

    Anyway, here are some pics.

    The car is this (not mine but same everything)

    Here is my actual interior a few weeks ago

    Originally, I was going to solder audio wires to my original radio's circuit board from following a write-up for line-in audio instead of buying an amp.. but after realizing it was a little over my head and I decided to go the cassette adapter route ($1.99 @ the dollar store).

    So my buddy gave me his double din radio that he had lying around from his '04 wrx after getting an aftermarket radio. Its awesome because it has a 6-disc in dash cd changer built in.

    So far my list for this project includes:

    Mimo 720-s usb touchscreen monitor $199.99
    Griffin Powermate $36.99
    4 port 2.0 Usb hub $5.99
    crappy 800ish mhz Fujitsu tablet pc Free

    Originally, I had it flipping upwards towards the window. It was a bit-too high for my tastes and slightly obstructed my view w/ me being 5'6 and I hate driving with the seat too high as it brings me to close to the ceiling. Also, the clare was a bit too much and it caused the screen to be tilted too far back, The angle could easily be fixed with 2 small washers/stoppers places along the side of the base. The good thing about have it flip upwards was I can easily hid the wires perfectly, simply tucking them behind the dash, as the dash is slightly soft and perfect for this. However, after a few weeks of thinking, I went another direction with it.. and that direction, was UPSIDEEEE DOWN!! It still is velcroed onto the top of the dashboard using the case, however I modified the case so that opens up fully and extends backwards. It still however, closes perfectly with a little persuasion.

    Here it is closed.

    View from above.

    As you can see here, the top of the case is velcroed to the top of the dash.

    View from front passenger seat

    As you can see, the single usb video/power cable is sticking out a giant rectangle hole. It runs through that hole and under the dashboard, exiting under the steering wheel by the floor board, and to the tablet pc under the driver's seat.

    The reason for that is that that routing is temporary but easiest for now, as I broke my cupholder today, which belongs in that space. It is just a spring that popped off and another little black piece, but I'll fix it this week using my friends cupholder as a guide.

    Alternate wire routing ideas:
    Already tried routing the wire through the left a/c vent but its design forces it to stick out about 2 inches which is very unsightly to me when the monitor is not there. When it is there, however, the wire is completely out of sight however it causes the monitor to protrude a bit too much to my liking.

    - considering making a cut-out tab in the existing cupholder or in the dash right below the hazard button to accommodate the chord. When not in use, I will simply retract or push the wire inside the cut-out and close it with the tab.

    Future plans:
    Either Upgrade pc to either a netbook or mac mini or fix my 05 mac powerbook ppc
    Purchase bluetooth gps
    Do away with the case and adapt to the monitor a vent mount similar to

    Most likely, I will find or make something that does not have that ball-joint or modify one such as that and simply heavy duty velcro the flat-back of it to the back of the monitor. (As to not destroy it in-case I decide to sell it in the future)

    OR IPAD!!!

    I have figured out the perfect way to do a removable install for an ipad in a impreza/wrx.
    I have only tested it with my Mimo casing lid however, the ipad case lid is smaller in thickness and has more give so I think it should work just the same if not better.

    If i were to get an ipad, I would simply put it in its case and slide lid of the case into the gap that exists right below both the indash cupholder and the deadspace of a silver rectangle that sits beside it. If anyone here has an impreza/wrx with the same dash and an ipad, feel free to give that a shot. I'm 95% sure its a go.
    My worklog! - Budget Carpc with Removable Mimo 720-s Monitor

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    keep posted..!! ipad updates coming soon!
    My worklog! - Budget Carpc with Removable Mimo 720-s Monitor