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  • 2006 300c srt8

    I'm adding a PC based entertainment system into my 300C SRT8.

    I'm hoping 6-8 weeks start to finish, waiting for parts to be delivered and working on weekends to install them. (Plus the weekends my wife says "get the &*^% out of the $&#*#&$ garage and play with the kids!" )

    I'm doing this based on info I have found on various internet sites.
    I am not a professional stereo installer, I'm just sharing with you how I'm doing it.
    If you have questions about the stuff I use or how I did something I will try and answer.

    I'm sure there are better ways to do some of the things I'm doing and I'm willing to listen to suggestions. If you are a stereo expert and feel that I have made a mistake in purchasing the wrong make or model or brand of equipment, please - buy me what you think I should use and send it to me and I will install it.

    SO here is a list of the parts I've gathered or ordered so far:


    Habey BIS-6620-I Intel Embedded Z510 Based Ultra Low Power "Tiny" PC
    Lilliput 10.1 Inch USB Touch Screen UM-1010/C/T
    CarNetix CNX-P2140 185W Dual Output Intelligent DC-DC Regulator
    Joycon EX Steering Wheel Control PC Interface
    Mp3Car BoomzBox HD Radio USB Controlled AM/FM Tuner
    Garmin Mobile PC GPS
    Centrafuse Car PC Front End

    Pioneer DEQ-7600 eq/preamp (I know the PC can do EQ but since I had it laying around and I love blinky lights...)
    Lanzar MAXP1200 mono subwoofer amp
    Lanzar MAXP4260 4 channel stereo amp
    Boss Audio CAP30 30 Farad Capacitor
    Rockford Fosgate P1652 component speakers for the front doors
    Rockford Fosgate P1652 component speakers for the back doors
    Rockford Fosgate T1693 for the rear deck
    Dual 2x12 Ported Bandpass Subwoofer in the trunk

    I originally planned to use RideRunner but the one drawback was the amount of configuration it was going to take to do what I wanted and I just have too many things on my plate right now. So I'm forked over the bucks and got Centrafuse, a front end that is ready to go right out of the box.

    I've done quite a bit of skinning before. I used to be on the XLOBBY HTPC forum and contributed several skins under the name "Baddabing". I started with the Aqua (Blue) skin by NoTec and MarcelP. Kudos guys, for a great job! I've already started making minor mods to the skin with SRT8 logos and a couple of minor tweakes here and there - nothing major yet.
    As I'm still learning Centrafuse I figured I would start with a skin I like before I create a skin from scratch.



    So the first thing is to start hacking on the bezel and moving some things around to make room for the new touchscreen monitor. The Lilliput UM-1010/C/T is 9.9 inches wide - nearly the exact width of the bezel opening. So by removing the ashtray and moving the AC controls down to the front of the shift console

    I now have more than enough room in the dash for the monitor.

    I've removed all the old audio hardware related to the factory NAV unit. Why carry it around if it isn't doing anything. Now that all the old factory sound system is gone its time to prep the car for the new stuff. So the first thing to do is get some sound dampning installed

    After 6 hours of work and 100 square feet of .45 mil sound dampning material:

    Its a minimum of double layered all through the trunk with three layers on the floor and wheel wells.

    I ripped out the interior and wrapped it with two to three layers of dampning material for a total of 160 square feet installed so far. Will be adding material to the inside of the doors as well once I start on the speaker installs. Here is a shot looking back towards the package shelf

    Since the SRT doesn't carry a spare I decided to use the trunk tire well for mounting the amps. Rather than just hide them in there I decided to put a 1/2 inch thick arcylic window in the floor. I decided I did not want to risk overheating so I built a rear trunk deck from scratch so I could fit in some cooling fans.

    The two fans are exhaust fans, I left a gap between the cover and the rear trunk wall to allow air in.

    Here is the are the amps, fuses and capacitor mounted to the removable floor in the trunk well.
    I put qick cnnect fittings on all the wires so the entire thing can be removed for cleaning, mods, service, etc.

    Here are the amps sitting in the spare tire well with the new tire well lid.
    Going to have to find some carpet that better matches the trunk.
    The amps and capacitor sit on plexiglass risers.
    LEDs were installed in the plexi and the edges were sanded to give it that glow.
    FYI, all the lights are hooked up to the trunk switch so they turn off when the trunk is closed.
    The fans are connected to a switched port in the fuse box and run when the car is on.

    Thats it for now until Mr FedEx shows up again.
    Stay tuned for more!

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    lookin good! is that a charger front installed? Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      Originally posted by Sonicxtacy02 View Post
      lookin good! is that a charger front installed?
      Its a customized Grip front bumper and grill.
      You can find me and my car on under the same screen name as here: tx_bandit


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        Updated first post with pictures of completed trunk amp install


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          oh you're using my skin i see. how awesome!
          nice looking install, great deadening work too.
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            Looks like a great start. That's a bonus to have the battery already in the trunk.
            What sound deadener did you use and how well did it stick? Did you have to do much prep work to the metal first?
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