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  • help building a car PC

    ok guys... my FIRST POST!!! been lurking for a week or soo and need some suggestions from people who have built a CPC before. My current setup is on the right track I think let me know what you suggest.

    My setup current setup is
    head unit with 4 RCAs going to the trunk to a 4 channel amp and 2 RCAs going to a mono amp
    Monster speaker wire going to each speaker from the 4 channel amp
    Monster speaker wire coming from the mono amp to the 2 subs.

    Basicly I'm looking for a 7in touchscreen that I will be molding into the dash and a car pc that i will have in the trunk that will feed the amps

    not looking to spend more than around $600???? and am really only looking to use it to play music, videos off a 16gb thumb drive, GPS and OBDII

    Not a NB around cars and have built my last 2 home computers, just want to get products that work good and not junk


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    I'm a noob myself but ill give you some suggestions. If your not computer savvy you could probably buy a prebuilt box and $100 7inch lilliput screen. To just do mp3s and gps you won't need much power.

    I'm building my own car computer right now and got a nice deal on newegg for a foxconn motherboard with intel atom duelcore 1.66ghz $75, 2gb ram 40, but you may just want 1gb for $20 to run XP. My whole setup is probably going to cost less than $400, I bought a used 400w inverter, 250watt cheap power supply:. But I think an M3-atx may be worth the size benefits. I'm using a 250gb drive I got for $20. And my lcd was 125...

    Do you know where you could put the computer?


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      If a mod wants to move this to project log thats fine cause that is what this is turning into...

      Ok so first off PLEASE check the links that will go to carts containing parts I am thinking of buying and let me know if these are decent.

      What I've already bought is a VM70 monitor, M2-ATX and a VoomPc case. And since a thread is pointless without pics hear are a few of the monitor almost molded into the dash. First it was fiberglassed and then I wrapped it in carbon fiber. it looks kind bad in the pics but thats cause I'm in the process of wet sanding it.


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        The dash is looking good so far, impressive.

        I'd love to check out your shopping lists.. But those url's only show your items on your computer. Just copy and paste a list of the stuff.. maybe links to individual products. I also think newegg has a way of sharing wish lists.

        What watt M2 is that? And I'm going to guess your buying a mini-itx low power setup?


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          This picture looks really bad


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            To see these pictures, really amazing


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              so I'm REALLY hating the fact that I can't see my response until someone replies..... Hopefully that will change soon.... ANYWAY the M2-ATX is 140 watts and here is what I plan on getting...

              Jetway NC92-330 LF Mini ITX Motherboard
              Centrafuse 3.1 Auto North America
              100M/330' USB Bluetooth Dongle Vista Compliant
              Wireless Antenna
              Griffin Powermate Volume Knob 1100-PWRMT
              BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver
              PQI TURBO 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667
              Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD1200BEVT 120GB 5400 RPM 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s


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                WOOT I can see my post!!!!!


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                  Why is this in the FAQ section?
                  Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                  How about the Wiki?

                  Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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                    If a mod wants to move this to project log thats fine cause that is what this is turning into...


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                      have everything installed but have some slight problems That I hope someone can help me with. 1st problem is I have a Creative Sound Blaster external USB sound card and for some reason only the front output is working. Rear and Sub/center is has no signal coming out. Woundering if this is a software problem or am I missing something? I have Zotac MB. 2nd problem I have is my Directed HD radio. I have Centrafuse 3.1 and for some reason I have no sound coming from it when I'm tring to listen to the radio. How I have everything wired up is L/R RCA's from HD radio to input jack on comp. Output jack on computer goes to Sound blaster card input. outputs from sound card go to inputs of 4 channel amp and mono amp. Will post some pick in a bit.


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                        So hear are some pics...... the CPC is under the pass front seat.