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2002 E46 BMW 316ti

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  • 2002 E46 BMW 316ti

    Just started my build and wanted to share...

    The basis of my car pc is the new Intel D510MO board with Atom dual core processor. 4GB of ram and an add on (internal) WiFi card will give it some reasonable utility. I mangaed to find a "opened box" Voom2 pc case online and purchase an M2 ATX power supply to go with it.

    First problem - the M2 ATX power supply is 20 pins but the motherboard has 24 pins. I found out later that it would probably work fine with just the standard 20 pin connnector but I customised the adapter cable to add the extra inputs. I had a spare 20-24 pin adapter cable and followed the pin-outs VERY carefully.

    Second problem - the SATA cables clashed with the ram chips and I had to initially force the case together. I didn't quite realise what the issue was until I took it apart again to have a look. I tried to dremel a couple of slots but the internal circuits obviously take up more of the chip than it seems, so off to the local pc shop for some low profile ram. Case fits together sweetly now.

    I installed a custom "reset" button on the back panel which has come in very useful during bench testing. XP would not install (only have SP1) but I had a spare vista hanging around. It will do for now unless anyone seriously suggests I don't use it.
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    The car is too dirty to photograph at the moment as it is winter here. I will polish it up and post some images with my next post which will be about relocating the aircon and where to mount the pc case.


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      Don't use Vista.
      AGREE..... no vista, you will regret it.
      Holden FTW!
      Carpc Mk 1
      Carpc Mk 2 (in Progress)


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        Car Pictures

        As promised, the weather has improved and so here a couple of images of the car.

        Location is One Tree Hill (as per the U2 song) in Auckland, New Zealand.

        Aircon unit has been relocated. It is quite confusing on realoem trying to identify the correct part but, after much deliberation and checking on MP3 car and bimmerforums, I managed to get the correct dash part on the first try. I have found a GREAT parts supplier based in Dunedin, NZ who was quite helpful in too. He gets parts direct from Germany at half the OEM price and is highly recommended to NZ buyers.

        Hope you like. Images of bracket and PC installation shortly...
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