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1995 Saab 9000 2.3 CSET

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  • 1995 Saab 9000 2.3 CSET


    Starting up the worklog a bit late (around halfway into the build), but what I've got (and planned):

    The big stuff:
    • VoomPC 2 (from, with dualcore Atom, 2GB RAM and a 128GB Kingston SSD drive.
    • 7'' Sunlight Readable Touchscreen Monitor based on the Lilliput 629 (bought it 3 days before they announced the new one with HDMI ... drats) - and a Double DIN ABS frame for the screen (planning to find some way to fit it in the dash, though it's only got several 1DIN holes at the moment)
    • old 4channel car-amp

    • Garmin USB GPS (actually didn't think I could use it due to not speaking NMEA - until I bought GPSGate for another purpose)
    • BU-353 based USB GPS is mounted up in the dash, the other at the rear of the car, and then MUX'ed together through GPSGate so hopefully I'll always have a signal
    • Level-One WiFi dongle from, it has *really* poor reception though, might get switched for another.
    • CSR-based Bluetooth adapter
    • FM radio - having problems with the reception here too, but that'll wait untill I get the shiny new
    • Ultimate Computer Radio, once Craig Brass gets the parts for the next shipment. I hope that one'll be better
    • GNS TMC receiver
    • Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Go (for the audio input for the FM radio)
    • Carnetix 12v USB hub (and going for another unpowered tomorrow - you can never have too many USB ports
    • 3g USB dongle (for up to 7mbit Internet access while on the move - good for podcasts
    • Andrea Superbeam Michrophone USB bundle

    And the software is Centrafuse 3.1 with nav for Europe (trying out other nav software though, Destinator is really not that nice, especially compared to my 2 year old Navigon standalone unit)

    Pictures to come tomorrow.
    Up untill now I've:
    • tossed the spare and used the well under the trunk for most of the gear
    • put plywood at the bottom of the well
    • taken a length of 3 gauge power cable through the length of the car, and put a distributor in the well
    • done a testfitting of the whole system to see if it'd actually work. It seems it does; more or less (got some software kinks to iron out)
    • bought a relay and put it between the "delayed amp on" signal of the VoomPC and the amp. Seems there wasn't quite enough juice there to actually power on the amp, strangely enough.

    The plan from here is:
    • Put the screen into the 2DIN frame
    • cut out the dash to put the screen in its new frame in there
    • get the cables stashed away
    • draw a length of cable from the relay at the VoomPC up to the dash, so I can turn on the screen etc via the delayed on as well (just to have the whole system isolated a bit)

    -And the stuff I'm not that sure about how to do:
    • Get some kind of podcast fetcher up and running
    • Get TWiT Live going on the box
    • Somehow it seems I need to get the output sound to go to both the Realtek output *and* the Andrea card so the Andrea software an do its echo cancellation. Thought I'd use Virtual Audio Cable for this, but it seems to hang itself a bit after standby/resume (and I'm not sure it actually worked - haven't really tested much though, since my bluetooth has been playing up bad)

    I'll happily accept pointers and advice, especially for the last list