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2000- peugeot 306 a car Pc from france!

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  • 2000- peugeot 306 a car Pc from france!

    Hi folks!
    (sorry if my english is poor, i'll do my best for this!)

    I've been planning to build a pc for my car for a while now, but i had no time and not enough skills to realize it. Right after i had my diploma in industrial computing i decided to start thinking seriously about it, i don't want to have just a computer which can play music or videos, i want this project to be a complete on board computer, wich would be connected to a lot of stuff, let's see what i want it to do:

    - playing music, video
    - acces to internet
    - displaying webcams (front/rear/interior?)
    - displaying car data (rpm, Km/h, probes data, etc)
    - displaying car error data
    - control the air conditionner
    - save severals data (videos from webcam, probes, etc...)

    now that i know what i want, i can think about the interface:

    - touch screen
    - NO keyboard or mouse

    Because there is not any free space in my dashboard to include the Touch-LCD, i decided to take the A/C commands away for my LCD, thats how its looks like now:

    and thats what it should looks like after:

    as you can see, i have to remove the three commands (fan speed, heat and wind direction) and the two buttons (A/C and recirculation)
    i wanted to see what was behind there and began unmount the dashboard:

    the good news is: it's pretty empty behind there!

    let's see what's behin the commands now:

    WOW i thought it would be less complicated! whatever, i saw what i wanted: three potentiometers which corresponds to the three commands (red arrows), the goal is to replace them by my interface card output. But that's not for now.

    now that i can fit my LCD, the big question is: how to control the PC?
    you'll probably say "with your touchScreen, stupid!" and you're right... BUT i already have a touchscreen in my car: my iphone, and i can tell you that moving the menus and keep an eye on the road is not easy at all... i had to find something else (of course the touchScreen will still be useful).
    That's why i cam whith the idea of the NunChunk, you know the little remote wich comes with the WiiMote?

    it has some interesting features, as:
    - a joystick
    - two buttons
    - a 3 axis accelerometer

    and the best thing is: i've already have one!

    Now i'm ready to start, and the first (and probably the biggest) thing i want to do is my own frontend. I want it to be:

    - as good looking as possible
    - as ergonomic as possible

    with those ideas, i start photoshoping and programming. the main menu is done and the audio player is in a good lane, the nunchunk is functionnal, the "touch" fonctions too (i don't have the touchscreen yet, my mouseclick will act as a finger Touch )
    let's see what it looks like:

    the main menu:

    the audio player (still in construction)

    tomorrow i'll make a video to show you the thing in motion.

    that's it for tonight!

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    Hi and welcome from France too

    Good project, i'm also trying to develop my own frontend because I'm not totally satisfied with RR or CF. I'm using C language (perhaps i'll switch to C++ though) with SDL and libVLC, running under Windows and Linux , but I still have to work a lot on it... If you're interested, I posted about it on a french forum.

    Anyway, I'll follow your project


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      +1 Frenchy! Yeah!

      Good luck for your screen integration in the DASH. It will need a lot of work...
      New prototype : 2DIN AUDI OEM-LIKE CARPC based on SYMPHONY II
      Motorized InDash Screen, Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz, SSD

      Home Made In-Dash 7" Lilliput V1
      Home Made In-Dash 7" Lilliput V2 = LM-Lilliput Prototype

      First project in Peugeot 306


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        how is this project doing?