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Toyota Corolla NEWB IN NEED OF HELP -mrdead- WIP

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  • Toyota Corolla NEWB IN NEED OF HELP -mrdead- WIP

    --2007 Toyota Corolla VoomPC - MrDead--

     --Main Components-- 
    Screen - Lilliput EBY701-NP/C/T 7" VGA Touchscreen Pic 1Pic 2
    Motherboard - Intel Desktop Board D945GCLF2 Wiring Pic 1
    Case - VoomPC-2 Car PC Enclosure Pic 1 Pic 2
    PSU - M2-ATX Pic 1
    Memory - 2GB DDR2
    HDD - Scorpio Blue WD3200BEVT (320GB)
    Frontend - Probably CentraFuse.
    GPS - Navibe GM720 USB GPS Pic 1
    Directed HD Radio Model DMHD-1000 (Bought- Shipping)
    picoLCD 256x64  (Probably won’t use)  Pic 1
    GRIFFIN ROCKETFM ROCKET FM Transmitter  (Probably won’t use) 
    Hauppauge Multi - Media Remote Control  (Probably won’t use) 
    CarPC JoyCon  (Probably won’t use) 
    HP MEDIA CENTER IR Receiver (Probably won’t use) 
    AM/FM - GRIFFIN RADIO SHARK AM/FM USB Receiver Pic 1 (Probably won’t use) 
    —Still Need-- 
     Logitech diNovo Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard 
    20 ft vga cable Link
    20 ft USB extension Link
    2- 1input 4 output fused distribution blocks.  Link
    ~100 FT Red 12 AWG wire
    ~100 FT Black 12 AWG wire.
    Vampire Tap for ACC line to run to m2-atx .
    4 awg amp kit Link
    5 amp inline fuse + holder
    Mitch HD Radio PC Interface  CableLink

    The lilliput screen is already fabricated into a Metra kit Double din dash kit. (Brian @Nexations Creations AKA Nexson)

    I’m currently trying to decide if I would like to use an amplifier or a head unit. I’ve seen installs done both ways. I have a few questions that could use some clarification while I wait for the rest of my carpc components to arrive.

    Previously answered questions.
    1. If I use an amp, I’ll have one 6 gauge wire coming from the batter with a inline 20A fuse for the PC Power Supply. How would I go about powering the AMP?
    <DarquePrv>Distribution block possible Street wires CBR44M larger gauge wire 4 AWG 80A fuse at battery.
    2. If I use a head Unit, I would just be using the power from where the stock stereo was getting power, right?
    I have read the FAQ and stuff. I’ve been lurking and reading for quite some time. Sorry if any of these questions have been answered before, I didn’t see anything similar. Thanks in advance for any answers/constructive comments/concerns. I’ll be posting back as I begin actually setting up the PC/Components.
    Edit 1:
    I've got some more pictures to post later tonight, i've been trying to find out an answer for how I'm going to power my screen when it’s in the car. I've found some old threads (from 05) about an Opus power supply, but I have a M2-ATX.
    Question 1: Could I power the screen from my M2-ATX? or..maybe a cigarette lighter?
    <DarquePrv>Yes using the included car adapter for your screen. Popular method of powering is just losing a cig lighter. Make sure you keep egg regulator.
    Question 2: What would be the best way to get power to my amp + computer with only bringing one wire from the battery through the firewall? is that an option or do i need 2?
    <DarquePrv>See answer with distribution block.
    Its appears the radioshark is junk. (good thing I didn't actually BUY it. It came with the lot.)
    Question 3: What would be a good usb fm receiver that works well with the centrafuse? I've seen a few i was some user experiences though.
    Answer: Directed HD Radio

    Question 4: Could I use a OEM car radio harness to route the speakers to my amp? In order to allow my original stereo to be put back in at a later date.
    It answers some of my questions, but also brings up a couple more: It appears I can run the touchscreen from my m2-atx, but I am unable to find a diagram of how. What wire gauge and what to hook where. My M2-ATX paperwork shows that the power connector has 8 wires, all but 3 are used.
    Question 5: Would I wire up one of these 'other' wires, or would it be a split from a wire that is coming out of the connector now?
    <DarquePrv>Run from stock stereo acc line and ground to chassis. Then run vampire tap to the m2-atx in the back.
    <DarquePrv> for all the answers on irc.

    I found this: (Thanks Boelle and jtc26)

    New Question:
    I have 'links' next to some of the stuff I've been looking to buy. Could someone take a gander and let me know their thoughts.

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    Reserved for Future Expansion.


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      Originally posted by mrdeadlocked View Post
      Reserved for Future Expansion.
      All you have to do for an amp install is install the amp like you normally would. Connect the audio output of the PC to the amp audio inputs, then connect the amp remote wire to the PSU(5v rail), and it will turn on and off with the PC like it would with the headunit, and work the same way. You may get "speaker thump" when the PC is booting up, but there is a thread somewhere on this site that tells you how to solve that problem. I use the headunit setup approach(check out my worklog...), and don't switch the audio to the PC until the login screen shows up.

      You my also want to check out the DFX5 skin for your frontend needs, and use the cash you save for your build!!!

      By the way, I just cut my dreads two weeks ago after 9+ years.....
      Linux(Learning the curve...Like when driving!!!)


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        Yup...which why I wait until the login screen to switch from the radio to the PC( I use a FM modulator to get audio from my PC and my DVD system to my headunit...would have used the AUX input instead of the modulator cause the quality would be better, but my headunit doesn't have AUX input on the back). That way all sound comes out of my car speakers...amp to sub included!!!

        I think the problem can be solved using a capacitor(you can find them at reasonable prices on ebay...remember the cash you on both types of installation.

        One of these days I will get around to remedying the problem in the 300m, but its not on top of my PC-TO-DO list at the moment.....
        Linux(Learning the curve...Like when driving!!!)


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          This is the capacitor I will be adding to my system when I get around to it, since I already have a D class mono-block amp of the same brand...and I'm completely happy with the way it pushes my 12" Sony Explode sub

          Linux(Learning the curve...Like when driving!!!)


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            Like that keyboard. Have you used it yet? How rugged is it(doesn't look and feel cheaply made does it)? How good is the back light and mouse functions(right and left click?)? Might want one for my setup.

            Been eying this one though...

            Linux(Learning the curve...Like when driving!!!)


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              You might want to upgrade your PSU to the like a charm, easy to set up, and has plenty of power for all you hardware.
              Linux(Learning the curve...Like when driving!!!)


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                Originally posted by mrdeadlocked
                I'm going to start off with the m2 that came with the lot of stuff i bought. if in the future i have to upgrade, then I will.
                I only suggested it cause when I first installed my PC, I went with the M3, but after I added all my hardware, I found out I didn't enough power for everything. The M4 supplies 250watts of power(more than enough for almost all carpc installs). Sometimes its best to go with the upgrade rather than budget components(especially when it comes to power). Once you get your system in, you won't feel like pulling it back out for something as trivial as not enough power(I know from experience). This was my first build, and it took a few months to get it perfect because of stuff like this. I'd also recommend integrating a cd drive somewhere in the setup(you will be surprised how handy a cd drive will become...found that out the hard way too).
                Linux(Learning the curve...Like when driving!!!)


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                  Reworked clean up images, posted question in original thread. Added answers that i got from #mp3car irc channel


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                    Looks like it is coming along! I can't wait to see it in the car! Thanks for the pictures! Wish I could help with the wiring, but I don't know much =(
                    Brian @Nexations Creations

                    Specialist in Custom Interior Fiberglass OEM Replication Work.

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