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    Hello all,
    My name is Joe and I have been addicted technology for 23 years. I started with computers and eventually worked my way up to entertaining the thought that a computer and a car could somehow meld together and work as one. I know it sounds like an abomination but alas it has already been done. In fact I would say there is a good chance you yourself already own a "carputer", you might not even realize its there, watching you, waiting for you to reach out and touch its screen. However, I am just a poor collage student, I cannot afford the luxuries I dream of, but I can still get this project underway.

    I will be posting before pictures later, in the mean time I just want to say thank you to all the contributing members and admins of this forum for showing me just how fun and potentially easy this project will be.

    My Idea is to use an old laptop I have, using the laptop screen as the display(this is my cheapest option), I also thought about trying to use a TFT digital picture frame but it looks like alot of work for not much less. Unfortunately this car does not have OBD II so my system will start as just a media center. Later I can get a GPS unit, bluetooth, WiFi, and touch screen to make the system a little more useful.

    Anyway I start work on this tomorrow so I better get some sleep.