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1995 Mitsy FTO first carpc project

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  • 1995 Mitsy FTO first carpc project

    Ok guys been reading these forum pages for ages, I have now taken the plunge and decided to have a crack at doing a carpc install.

    I'm open for advice or critique along the way as well as some guidence

    So far I have:
    D945GCLF2 intel motherboard
    1Gb RAM
    100Gb SATA HDD
    M2-ATX power supply

    I'm waiting for:
    GPS dongle
    Radio plugin (Ultimate DAB / FM Radio from coolappradio)
    Touchscreen (still debating which one)
    Soundcard (Unsure if I actually need this)

    So far the computer side of it has MicroXP installed and boots in 20 seconds. I've worked out how to wire it all together I hope it works I'll upload the pic if I can work it out.

    Undecided on which front-end to use and I'll start to look at fabrication into the dash nearer the time.

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    OK quick update, busy weekend so not achieved much really.

    I have installed Roadrunner as my frontend (mainly because I'm a cheap b*stard) and because it has most support on here when I lack intelligence.

    I've also decided on NavMii GPS as it's only 30 and they say it is for CarPCs...hopefully won't be too hard to embed other forums say it is quite easy to do.

    I will upload pics of the bits and bobs when I can be bothered to charge the camera


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      Only a short update, been a while due to needing a new gearbox and mot and tax etc :s

      Anyway decided on Media Engine as the Front-End, unfortunately it means I now have to use Full fat windows which is abit depressing, however it is by far the easiest install I have had to do and is now working perfectly with all my music and videos

      Next plan is to find a case for all the little bits and get GPS software up and running and either integrated or run as an external app.

      Starting to investigate the audio side now, may as well spend a few quid getting some really decent quality amps / speakers.

      Also going for a D-Link DSB R100 FM connecter thing, they seem to be stupidly rare!! found one in the states for 45 inc delievery so can't grumble.

      More updates and pictures (still not taken any) soon.


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        sound cards aren't always required, many times, the onboard sound will work fine. though if your looking at pulling all the factory equipment, it wouldn't hurt to have a decent soundcard to feed a decent signal to the amps..
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        "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

        next project? subaru brz
        carpc undecided


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          Hmm thing is I'm tight but I want it to sound good, other than the acc line I won't be using any of the cars standard wiring, abit off subject when this gets installed some of the interior of the car is going to be upgraded as well....

          I'm confused about sound cards / amps now, apparently to drive 4 speakers and a Sub I will need 2 amps a 4 channel and a 2 channel, plus I need to find out how to connect these to the soundcard (I'm hoping it just requires connectors) off the the FAQ's i feel....

          Pictures will be up later, I've got nothing better to do miserable weather and waiting for bits now....


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            Pictures finally (I hope)

            This is the mobo and RAM nothing exciting as of yet....

            SATA HDD 100 gig plus cables

            M2-ATX from china cheap and it works im surprised by both !!

            The unmolested centre console where the carpc screen is gonna fit, also planning on fitting a 3 way switch under the ashtray lid (always on, acc controled, and always off)

            Another pic of the centre console, considering an iphone dock in the cupholder (since its in a stupid position) for net connection since we finally have usb tethering

            Going to build the case into the centre pocket thing and fibreglass it in so I can have a cr*p tray near it.

            Amps etc can go in the boot and can build a plexiglass tunnel between the seats for all wiring that needs to go back to the boot, may do more mods for all the stuffs i want to go with it, but will plan those as I get closer to completion.


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              Some pics of the stupidly small space I have to play with in the boot :\ its about as wide as a shovel and quite tight, decided on a BOSS small sub/amp combination

              also a 4 channel amp for the speakers which can be mounted next to it on a board bolted to the back of the seats and fibreglassed to look pretty.

              Figured I've got around 600 more stuff to get including all the audio stuffs.

              On a side note installed firefox as an external app onto Media Engine which seems to work quite well, may have to overclock the carpc tho it doesn't feel fast enough.....

              Something that may be of interest to others a reeet diddy keyboard mouse thing to lob in the glove box found on ebay....

              Since it all seems quiet now, if anyone can think of something I'm forgetting or wants to say it's going in the right direction feel free


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                Hi "l33t".

                Good luck with the install. The planning all looks good so far.

                Cheers for your comments on my dusty old project thread by the way! The mp3Car automated "reply to thread" e-mail I received out of the blue took me quite by surprise and motivated me to come back here again for another look around.

                Although I'm doubtless completely out of touch with all the frontend software developments since I last used to frequent these boards, if you run into any FTO specific problems I may hopefully be able to offer some insights.

                PS. I second soundman98's comments about the soundcard. I was extremely impressed with the sound from the built in audio on my setup. Far better to spend the time/money making sure everything is really well grounded. In a car project noise is the killer, not SNR, THD or sample rates.
                Project F.T.P.C.


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                  What data/sound would go from the PSU to amp? (anti thump?)
                  Never accept STOCK equipment.


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                    I've found a 5.1 soundcard I think will do the trick (I have a decent PC that I'm taking apart I only really need a netbook these days), that in itself has created another problem of where it is going to fit, found a flexi cable thing so i can relocate the card but that now means I'm going to have to mod the case so I've got somewhere for it to fit too!!

                    With regards to mounting the big worry is the screen, I'm going to mould the PC into the centre glovebox probably heat mould polycarbonate then spray it black so I have some storage.

                    I do find this strangely addictive I'm sure it should appeal to the geek in all of us!!

                    With regard to the PSU, I'm just going to run the amp line off the board and split it to both amps since it only needs to be a trigger, that should be anti-thump if not I'll look into some time delay relay on the circuit.


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                      Bit of an update, nothing overly exciting going on at the mo, seem to have very little time of late.

                      However I have now installed RideRunner and skinned it with Enforcer's Simplistique skin, I really like this and have been fiddling with changing it from orange to red, only thing I'm struggling with now is how to change the color of the fonts and the highlight on the file list :\

                      I've also found myself a nice mitsy logo which I've put in place of the BMW one.


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                        its actually Mitzi, not Mitsy

                        Just thought you might like to know that lol
                        Never accept STOCK equipment.