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Renault Clio 2000 - CarPc Worklog

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  • Renault Clio 2000 - CarPc Worklog

    Hello Friends,

    Here's my worklog,

    - VGA: Lilliput 7" Color LCD
    - Mainboard: Intel DG41MJ
    - CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core E6300
    - RAM: OCZ DDR2 2GB
    - Harddisk: Seagate SATA 7200RPM 200GB
    - PSU: M2-ATX 160W DC-DC
    - CASE: Modified Sattelite Case
    - OBD: OBDLink Multiprotocol OBD-II
    - GPS: GlobalSat BU353 SirFIII Receiver
    - Camera: CMOS Infrared Night Vision
    - EASYCAP USB 2.0 Capture Adapter
    - I/O: Fusion Brain Version 4.0
    - Thermometer
    - Andrea Electronics Superbeam Mic. SUMA
    - USB TPMS Version 2.20

    Operating System
    - Microsoft Windows XP SP3
    - Microsoft Office XP

    - Custom Visual Basic 6.0 & .NET
    - Un4seen Bass.dll
    - Un4seen BassVideo.dll
    - iGO8 for PC

    Sound System
    - Stock Speakers
    - Amplifier

    Car Spec
    - Brand/Model: Renault Clio 1.6 16V 110 HP
    - Year: 2000
    - Color: Silver

    Here are the original photos of the car,

    Car Exterior;


    First of all I have to say, It was really hard for me to place the 7" screen to the console. I searched the net for photos and ideas but couldn't find what I was looking for. Also I afraid to damage the console so I went to a local garage named "EGO" here. Guys (Erhan and Orhan) did the hard work for me .

    1. Dashboard Removal;

    2. Frame for LCD (mounted)

    3. Vents and Headunit
    I've to disable the original HU and vents. Here are the pictures of new vents.
    (Vents taken from a Ssang Yong, Orhan build the nest for vents, great guy) (:

    4. Vents and LCD Frame on the dashboard

    5. LCD Screen with Back Panel Mount

    6. Computer Case Mount in the Trunk
    I've used a satellite receiver case for the computer case. It's much cheapier.
    Also the dimensions are superb for the mini-itx boards.

    7. Final Mounting Pictures

    8. Some screenshots from my custom FrontEnd (VB 6.0 version)

    - Main Menu;

    - Music Player;

    - Picture Viewer;

    - OBD;

    - iGo8 Navigation;

    For hardware compability reasons I've to port to visual basic 2008 and trying to re-write my frontend. New version can communicate with FusionBrain. Right now I'm trying to include steering wheel controls, inside & outside temperatures. And waiting for the TPMS kit (not sure If I can port it to .NET, I appreciate any help with it)
    Below is the new frontend;

    I tried to give brief worklog information. I can give more details about the setup if u like.
    Thank you all.

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    Looking nice

    Luv the OBD display!
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