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2004 Mazda MX5 NB-FL shurikn project

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  • 2004 Mazda MX5 NB-FL shurikn project

    I write this post to introduce my CarPC project.

    I'm still looking for informations and comments but I already have a good idea of what I want: a machine powerful enough to turn the music at the same time as the GPS and wireless communication (Bluetooth). Maybe powerful enough to run an old game (see below).

    What I have now:
    ** fun car: Mazda MX5 NB-FL 2004 / 1.8L 150hp engine / Italian Challenge series
    ** a mini Bluetooth 2.1 key
    ** N wifi key MSI that I'll connect occasionally
    ** a multi-card reader to see pictures (so it will not always be connected)
    ** a OCZ SSD 60GB Vertex 2
    ** USB DVD burner that I'll connect sometimes
    ** CPU Core2Duo 6750 (TDP = 65W)
    ** 2 x 1GB 800Mhz Corsair Ram
    ** 1 PC compatible Xbox pad
    ** 1 digital amp Alpine PDX 2x150Watts
    ** 2 HP 150 watts DLS UP6i 16.5cm
    What I'm looking for and I'm open to your comments:
    ** Screen 7" touchscreen: Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T-HB-RV ==> it is " high brightness " 450cd/m2. Or maybe EBY701 transflective optically bonded ? Not the same price but in a convertible ...
    ** GPS: BU-353
    ** a microphone for hands-free but which one?
    ** OBD2: Maybe ScanTool ?
    ** Backup Camera "night vision" ~ 40 €
    ** DAC for connection between PC and amp: NuForce Icon μDAC
    ** case: Case Morex CB3688 Cubid
    ** CM: Zotac GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi Processor 775
    ** new fan to replace the original with CPU: Low Profile heatsink / Fan f Intel 775
    ** PSU: M2-ATX 6-24V DC / DC (160 Watts) or M4 ATX or Opus or ...
    ** Frontend: Maybe Centrafuse navigation 3
    I think that's it but you never know!

    1) I'll play very rarely in the car but as I already have the powerful CPU and an Xbox pad, why not... It does not cost me more money with the motherboard listed above.
    2) I want compact system because a Miata MX5 lacks of space. I found the perfect place in the trunk around the fuel tank, a brief but close unused space +-20cm wide and 13cm high.

    Here are my estimated power consumptions :
    CPU = 65W
    screen = 8W
    Bluetooth / DAC / GPS / Powermate / OBD2 / DVD / ... = ~ 50W??
    SSD = 2W
    MB with GC = 20W
    RAM = 2W
    fan housing = 2W
    Total if all equipment is used 149W
    So as the M2 ATX does 160W, I think it will fit. Am I wrong somewhere ?

    Please feel free to give me your comments ! (Sorry for my English, I am from Belgium)

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    I just finished mine in the 1998 NB model. It all fits quite well, hopefully if a wireless version of the chatpad driver comes out I'll be installing that as well! That little tunnel next to the fuel tank is PERFECT, cables can be run just behind the drivers seat (or passengers seat depending on what side the PC is on) and through the centre console to the screen out front. I used the M3-ATX and THAT fits, so you should be fine. Admittedly you've got a lot more peripherals than me! You seem to have almost all the same gear as I do, so I can say that what you've got should work a treat Let me know if you want some advice on installing in this awesome car!


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      Thank you for your comment Shambler !!!!!!!!! You have the same car and you did what I would wanted to do

      Yes I need a lot of advices !!!!!!!!!!! So feel free to give me some because I don't want to make wrong choices...

      I've read your "Mx-5 nb8a" post + the video and it's already very helpful for me. And I have some questions (don't know if you prefer to answer here or on your post) :
      First, if it's easy for you, could you share some other photos of your installation ?
      *** I'm very interested in a picture of the battery side. I didn't know that we could connect the ground on the battery. Easy...

      *** Maybe do you have some pictures of the screen in a sunny day to give me an idea if the screen is still viewable ? Do you are happy with this one or do you regret to not have bought a transflective one ?
      ==> Because I have the same tendency "to drive with the top down whenever possible" than you ;-)

      Even if the sun in Belgium is not always there haha...

      *** How did you fixed the MDF panels ? With velcro or screw in existing holes ?

      *** An other mounting part question : what must I order to fit the screen ? I mean you received first the wrong part from MP3CAR and then you needed to buy a Double Din dash kit from Metra but which ones ?

      *** And did you never think to find an old fake double din radio cover to put on your screen when you are not in you car (anti theft) ? I don't know if it exists for that car...

      *** You need 2 x 12v cables for the screen ? I think I do not understand very well your sentence : "The 12v running through to the front is to power the screen, also there is a 12v wire running back to the PC for the ignition wire". Could you explain me please ?

      I suppose the D525 processor is powerful enough to play other games than Duke Nukem 3D (seen on your video) but I love DN ! Lot of fun !

      AAAAAAAAAh it's a lot of questions I know but after that I think I will be ready to go for the next purchases !

      Many thanks.


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        Hi there!
        Hopefully I answered a few of your questions in my post

        Specific to your questions:
        I'm running a 12v positive and negative to the monitor - it's powered from a molex connector on the power supply
        I'm also sending 12v to the rear of the car - this is the ACC wire to signal to the PC to turn on. Without this wire, the computer wouldn't know to turn on!

        I'll try get some pictures of it in the light - however I do find it readable with the Centrafuse skin I use. It's probably not as good as a proper transflective screen, but to be honest it's not worth the HUGE amount of money they cost! It would cost half as much as my entire project just for the screen!

        For power to run you'll need to connect positive and negative. A lot of people just wire negative to the car's body - which is fine, however it's a bit of a waste of time on the MX-5 because the battery is already in the boot! The negative terminal of the battery itself is just as good as anywhere on the chassis.



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          Thank you again for the advices

          I suppose that I can use the 12v from the old radio for the ACC wire ?

          You are convincing me to not buy the transflective screen... And hop more money for the rest


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            At the end, I will buy this motherboard : Zotac ION-ITX-P CULV SU2300 with Celeron 2 core 1.2Mghz ==> more power than Atom D525 and less TDP and above all than my Core 2 Duo.
            There is ION for the graphics.

            Alim M2ATX.

            GPS : BU-353 and GNS FM9 TMC receiver (USB). It seems OK ?


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              the Atom is dual core 1.8 and it's less powerful?


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                Yes I was also surprised but a lot of web sites go in the same way.
                Look at this cpu benchmark :
                SU2300 (2x1.2) = 910
                D525 (2x1.8) = 717
                D510 (2x1.66) = 666
                N330 (2x1.60) = 634

                Not bad at all.

                But I'm wonder if I need ION graphic in Centrafuse...


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                  It's almost done : I've paid my order.

                  I ordered a transflective screen CTF700 V2-SH, an Zotac-P ION-ITX SU2300, a M2-ATX PSU, a FM radio USB and a GPS BU-353.

                  I ordered also a Metra plate for my dashboard and a frame double din Bybyte for Lilliput 701 (we'll see if it's the same shape). Then I will begin the dismantling of the screen.

                  Now I must quickly buy RAM PC3-8500 (2GB) and find a way to feed the M2ATX in my house for testing. I saw some tips on forums but I found it "too" difficult for my level. I may be good for testing directly in the car

                  Well anyway, this is the point of no return for me!


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                    you need a pc power supply and do this:


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                      Hello, I've tested my installation and I have a problem with my screen maybe you can help me.
                      So the amp, the HP and the computer are OK.

                      But when the computer starts the CTF700(-SH V2) screen lights up in blue with the message "AV1 no input signal". I clic on the screen button to change the source and I have the message "AV2 no input signal" but when I clic once more to have the VGA source the screen goes black and I can't do anything.

                      Do you have an idea ?